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On 3/31/2021 at 5:54 PM, malefactus said:


Thanks, Glitter. I am glad you like the Little Ones.


It seems that whenever I take photos of Thingies on one of the stages I take too many pics & then can't decide which ones to post. [b]SO[/b] here are The Devil's Cups/Lads in The Woods:














Have a good night!


Why am I thinking of that band Devo?

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1 hour ago, malefactus said:


I had to look up Devo...I am still not sure about the connection...I can be obtuse.

They were known for wearing very outlandish hats/headgear.

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8 hours ago, Corsair said:

They were known for wearing very outlandish hats/headgear.


Gotcha, but I deny any connection to Bella Abzug or Hedda Hopper.

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I got some work done on a Mushroom duo. This one already is promised to a Girl I know.

I took some with the new camera. They show promise but I will have to make the setting darker.

These were taken with much struggle & gnashing of teeth with the Old Girl:







The mushroom in the back will get the same dots as its bigger brethren...eventually.

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5 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Great progress!

 Thanks, Glitter...glad you like them.


These Merry Mushroom Lads will be leaving the [i]Spooky[/i] Woods & heading for the wilds of Ohio' a gift for my friend, Sandy G.:














These were taken with the new Camera. She is getting a little less contrary.

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4 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Nice skincolour, they seem pretty happy.


They do look like Merry Fellows.

Thanks for the reply, Glitter. I am happy you like the skin colors.

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