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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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9 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

Good stuff here, I really like the color scheme you used on the troll.


Thanks, Wolf. I am glad you like the colors. I thought he might be a little subdued, but he looks good in his surroundings. A more colorful scheme wouldn't have made it


8 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Love that troll, great basing!

He really looks like he's hiding in the vegetation, waiting for a big fish to catch ( or an adventurer).



Also looking forward to see that Rat painted up, lots of character in that pose!


Thanks, Glitter. I expanded the Troll's original base to fit a three inch base. It made the mini. I agree; i.e., he does look like he is lurking in the reeds.

The positioning on the Big Rat Guy is what I liked best about him; i.e., he really looks like he is going nuts, which seem oh so in character,

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14 hours ago, Corsair said:

Yup, really like the Troll. I like the way his backscratcher turned out.


Thanks, Corsair...sorry I missed your reply when I was responding to the Wolf Guys. I am glad you like the Big Slimy Guy...I'm kind of happy with the skull as well.


35 minutes ago, aku-chan said:

Looking forward to you working on the Northumbria stuff, they have some neat minis. 


Thanks for the reply, aku-chan. I am really looking forward to getting & painting the Northumbria minis. They just perfectly suit my sense of the absurd/silly & my style, such as it is.

I hope you like the results once they are painted...you will have to drop by & let me know.

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I finally sorted out all the packed up painted things from the move North. I know pretty much where everything is now [b]AND[/b] I finished touching up & repairing those few things that were damaged in the move. Snow White's Recreational Potions (drug consortium) got the tall chimney repaired:








A few more photos of the place:









The Grim Reaper Mushroom got a right arm replacement & Leo Sizechekz, my size comparison mini, got a new coat & pants stripes:
















Now on to new thing...eventually.

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55 minutes ago, Chaoswolf said:

Nice to see a few old favorites getting revisited, and I'm glad that most everything survived the trip unscathed.


Thanks, Wolf.  I am glad you enjoyed the trip down Memory Lane. The fix on the Consortium & the Death Mushroom were easy & I like Leo much more in his new outfit.

There were a few things that I thought I had left behind that turned up with the unpacking or in the sort. Unfortunately a few of items that fell in the left behind list I ordered again. I now have a lifetime supply of sisal rope, workable fixative, & bristle brushes...sigh.

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6 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

Good to see you're enjoying yourself there!


Thanks, Glitter. I am having a blast doing all my stuff. I am even getting productive; i.e., I painted The Swamp Thing today & made three new personable Mushrooms. I only have the various mushrooms & the Troll to do on The Swamp Thing Base.

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In the sorting I found some Mushrooms that had been painted but never based. SO I based up two that reminded me of American Gothic:










The Swamp Thing is done now. He seems a little camera shy:







The largest of the mushrooms also got some attention:  










There you go.                                    

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