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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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I always like seeing what you've been up to, everything is incredible as usual! It looks like it would be a joy to game on, or even just stare at for a lenghty amount of time in person.


I remember visiting a bar named The Hole in the Wall on several occaisions during my time in the Navy. It well and truly lived up (down?) to the name. I'm betting your establishment would quite entertaining to visit.

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Thanks, Wolf. It would be cool to have you drop by to check out the scenery.

This Hole In The Wall lives up to its name; i.e., where the front wall should be there's a bar with brass rail looking into a room dominated by two large kegs...I may a table or two out front.

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Yet more little details have been added to amaze & edify...or some such thing.


Candles Around Town:





AND in The Tree:



The Neighborhood Watch:





Next on the agenda will be some signage. In the interim your kind comments & critiques would be most welcome.


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Love the neighborhood watch!!


 Thanks, Wolf! I've done that thing on a couple of other projects...it just never gets old. Even with horror stuff I can't get serious.


Mindblowing. Mind.... blown. PFFT. Gone.


Thanks, smokingwreckage,,,I'm glad you like The Project so far! AND having a mind is highly over rated.

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What do you have in mind for the denizens of the shanty town?


Basically I'm including all the elements of Fantasy, Horror, & Steam Punt that I've come to love with a twist of my own.


The Shanty Town & The Isles are largely inhabited by the Witches & their minions...Goblins, Pumpkin Heads, that sort of thing.

The Graveyard will be Living Impaired Folk...surprise!

The Spooky Woods I'd like to populate with various Faerie Folk of not necessarily good natures.

The passersby Bands of Adventures, Raiders, Do-Gooders, Smugglers, Gypsies, Tramps, & Thieves (the first few on the list started a Cher tune in my Old Head explaining the last three entries) are the trouble makers. 


The Folk Lore Folk remain constant as the Mortal Creature move back & forth through time.

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I am sorry I haven't been by in quite sometime - obviously I like to punish myself by not looking at an incredibly gifted artist craft wonders right before our eyes.  This has to be the most awe-inspiring work of its kind I have ever seen via photos or live.  I swear I'm looking at the mind of a genius at work here.


Mad genius of course but genius nonetheless!!


Thank you so much for sharing all of this with us.  Looking back over the whole project to this point just makes me feel so happy.

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