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The Last Hurrah Project..Photo Heavy

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In anticipation of the Graveyard Board, I finished two new denizens. The photos were SO dreadful I'm only showing the Lovely Couple in one pic:




Hopefully some better photos will be forthcoming. In the interim, your comments & critiques would be most welcome...mostly

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Thanks, Darkmeer...glad you like the minis! The Vampire's base was meant to match some Pumpkin Heads I had done awhile ago. Since I'm going to be doing up a new Band of the Melon Guy, I figured I'd keep him on the high base. I have the Pumpkin Heads in the Show Off Section, but here's a photo for you:






However, now that you mention it., the Graveyard will probably be at least two levels. I'm thinking of doing a Catacomb board to fit under the Graveyard. Access to the lower region may be in part through a Tower placed on the board edge with it's back open. How's that sound?

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I like it, especially if you can see parts of it from "above ground." 


Good luck, and this has been a lot of fun to follow!


The idea is to have the Graveyard supported by a central block with support columns in the corners, The corners will have a peg to fit into a hole/tube in the upper, Graveyard level. the lower, Catacomb, level will be open for viewing on all four sides. If it works as well as I hope it will, I may do a lower level to The Shanty Town also.


It just keeps being charming, whimsical, and beautiful.


Thanks for the kind words, smokingwreckage. I need a boost today.

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The Graveyard will have a nice catacombs-ey feeling to it, which will be a good thing.  Looking forward to the pics.


Question, and I reread the entire thread but I may have missed it (all three run throughs):


Are you sculpting each of the mushroom faces?  They're really cool and I don't recall seeing them anywhere.

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Thanks, Darkmeer. I'm starting to get a clearer picture of The Catacombs. I've gotten to the stage that the way I imagine things comes pretty close to the way I make them...mostly. Hopefully it will be an interest project to follow.


Don't feel that you have to search out the thread for the answer to a question...unless you like browsing. I'm more than happy to answer any questions AND I don't mind repeating myself. SO on the Mushrooms: I make them all, large & small, with & without faces/appendages/et al from scratch...well actually I make them from toothpicks, plumber's epoxy putty, beads, & Green Stuff. Also the faces on the walls, window, trees are my creations. Greens Stuff is addictive.

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Some new Mushrooms & Signs have been added to the Shanty Town...Mushrooms & Signs sounds almost prophetic. Other than adding a couple of the last details to the Shanty Town, the only omen is the start of a new board or two...possibly three. Be that as it may, here are a couple of now anticlimactic photos:


The All Seeing Yenta Snoop's Place:



The Drop of the Pure Tavern (purveyor of Hooligan's Hooch):



AND a personable Mushroom by the Downtown Shabby Arms:





As details are added to the Isles & the Shanty Town further photos will be added. The Graveyard, Catacombs, & an old W.I.P. loom on the horizon...well they're sitting anxiously by/on my work table to be more accurate & less dramatic.

Comments & critiques are, as always, most welcome.

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