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Pragma's WIP

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I put on my robe and wizard hat!


I decided to join in on this week's miniature monday, so here's Galedon.




I'm really happy with how he turned out. The star effect is really simple, just light blue circles with a white dot in the middle. But I think it worked well. And I'm happy with the freehand on the scroll.

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I started on Astrid for the next miniature monday. I based the colour scheme on this picture:



The mold lines on this particular cast were really bad, but one thing I like about bones is that they are really easy to carve off with a scalpel (though time consuming). So in my first session all I got done was some muddy brown base coating on the leather, and leaf green for the leggings and sleeves. Blonde hair is based on the recipe from LTPK2: sun yellow with oiled leather wash.




I've realized that my vision is not as good as I thought it was, especially at short distances. But fortunately I found a desk magnifier setup at a yard sale down the street for 5 bucks! The light stopped working as soon as we got home, but for the price I hardly care. I used it to throw on some walnut brown lining - woah look at all those little straps and buckles I didn't know were there! I also shaded the legs down with some walnut brown, and up with a little sun yellow.




I also used the magnifier to do the eyes, and I think they turned out better than any I have done so far. Hooray for optics!



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Oh! I was just trying to figure how how to do stars! Thanks!!! I love the wizard!


Thanks, it was fun to do just an unabashedly old school blue-starry-robed stereotype of a wizard. The main advantage of this particular star effect is that it's dead simple. If you want a more sophisticated version of this effect, check out Nissiana's version. It's like a whole spacescape with nebulae and everything. She explains her technique a few posts down. I'm planning on stealing it to turn a certain female cloud giant into a sky giant.

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Here's an update from last night's painting session. I added some glazes and shading to differentiate all the different parts that were the same plain brown before. The boots got some yellowed bone and oiled leather. The guitar got some blood red highlighted up with sunlight yellow and some linen white. I kept it a bit muted to keep it from becoming too "christmasy". I also added some blonde (sun yellow + linen white) highlights to the hair. In order to tie the guitar colour to the rest of the model, my wife had the ingenious idea of doing something called an "ombre" effect on the hair, fading to a reddish colour at the tips. I like the way it turned out.




So I think I'm done for now unless I see something else that really needs doing. And I've finished in time to make a base. The issue I always have with basing is how wide open it is. Should she be standing on a table? In a forest? A fancy tiled floor? In the middle of a ring of fire? Too many ideas! I'd love to hear some suggestions.

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A stage is a really good idea. The trick is how to convey "stage" in a way that looks different from just a regular floor. It's probably what I will do unless I can come up with something a little more dramatic, like standing on the severed head of a dragon (except one of the bones is already doing that).


Also, can I redeem my +1001 for cash and prizes?

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Pragma, a good, fun way to do that is using popsical sticks. Cut them into little strips and make a 1inch x 1inch square floor that you can then glue the feet of the mini to. If you look at my show-off you can see what I did with a wooden board floor, or you can sculpt it with some green stuff like Kuro did with his swashbuckler.

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It's a cool method, it seems to have worked really well. I'd like to try it, but maybe on another mini. I am thinking of making her base a giant flower. Why would a cool bard chick with a rockin' axe be playing a concert on top of a giant flower? Because that's just how we roll.

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Okay, here is the giant flower base out of sculpey, roughly following this tutorial.


1. Cut out 6 petal shapes from a flat sheet of sculpey. I used this wax carver I affectionately know as knifey-spoony tool. In retrospect, my sculpey was a little too thick.

2. Carve some veins in it, using pokey tool, a.k.a. a pin I stuck in a mechanical pencil. You can also rough up the edges a little bit.




3. Curl the petals around the pokey tool starting with the smallest on the inside. Then fold them downward and outward in a six-pointed star.

4. Bake 15 minutes at 275, prime, and paint.




Then it's ready to add your mini!



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