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So I got sidetracked from LPK2 a bit by RL... and a Great Worm.


Painted up for tabletop use, I think it turned out pretty well. I keep surprising myself with how not sucky I can be if I take time to actually do it properly.


I'm going to list what I used for paints mostly for my own reference than anything else.


Body: Based with HD Gem Purple, washed with a mix of HD Twilight Purple and Black Wash.

Belly: Base HD Gem Purple, layered up through Clear Magenta, up to HD Entrail Pink

Pustule/Bumps: Based with Clear Red, then layered up to HD Fireball Orange, and then spotted with a bit of HD Golden Yellow.

Rocks: Based with HD Dirty Grey, washed with a mix of Brown Liner and Black Wash (I really like this mix), Then dry-brushed up HD Dirty Grey, HD Concrete Grey, and finally a mix of HD Concrete Grey, and Sample Tan (a good of a name as any).

Mouth: Linen White, washed with the same wash from body, then I decided I didn't like it and did a heavy glaze of Oiled Leather.

Teeth: Based HD Tusk Ivory, then highlighted with Linen White.





C&C welcome; Thanks :)

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The adolescent Worm -with pimples!


Joking aside, nice one. But the base looks a bit unfinished. Maybe some sand or gravel painted in the same way as the rocks on the rest of the base tops' surface would do the trick.

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The adolescent Worm -with pimples!


Joking aside, nice one. But the base looks a bit unfinished. Maybe some sand or gravel painted in the same way as the rocks on the rest of the base tops' surface would do the trick.


Thanks, I had thought about glueing down some sand and painting but, it's for table-top game-play and I've no idea how rugged that is. I might eventually start doing some basing like that for table-top stuff, but not until my players get used to handling minis with a bit of respect. We've been using WotC D&D pre-paints for a few years now, they get tossed around without a second thought. To this end, I've offered to buy, and paint a character mini for them for a new campaign we'll be starting up shortly (ish), I'm hoping they'll get attached to them, they'll learn to be a little more protective of minis.

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This is a very nice spin on the traditional purple. I really like how you've painted the pustules - they really pop against the skin colour! This is my favourite Bones miniature because of all the unique and creative ways that people have painted them. Thanks for sharing.

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