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At Last, I Can Call Myself A Published Author


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Tommorrow, June 10th, the Pathfinder Chronicler Anthology Volume III, a collection of fan-written, professionally edited short stories set in the world of the Pathfinder RPG, goes to press. One of the stories contained within is "The Beast of Blackwater Bog," written by yours truly.


It's not much, just a little five page story that I didn't get paid for, but it's also a dream come true for me. And it's a dream I've had since I was 10 years old and read my first short fiction piece in Dragon Magazine. This is my first ever submission for publication, all of my previous work having been published on fanfiction.net. But this is different of course, because the publishers of the anthology don't know me, don't care about me, and feel no obligation to help me. They just liked my story enough that they wanted it for their anthology. And that feeling, of knowing someone else genuinely liked your writing enough to spend their own money to publish it...that's the best feeling there is for a writer.


I just wanted to share my excitement. Yay!


Okay, carry on as you were.


(Edit: If you click on the fanfiction.net link it will take you to my profile, scroll down to see my stories. Please be aware that I wrote all of them several years ago before I took a serious writing class, and so they're kind of rough.)

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