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Once Upon a Time She Was Our Ally. Will She Give Us Answers Or Shall She Take Our Souls?

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You've created a WONDERFULLY imaginative narrative piece...OUTSTANDING WORK!


Now if I could just get "I don't think she loves me anymore" from playing through my head.

Thank you very much! My thoughts when putting this together were to add some wraiths on either side of the well or some spiders, but the scupts of the heroes didn't really match a upcoming battle, but more in deep thoughts and waiting to see how things play out.


sung by who? (that could be one of a million recorded songs, but sounds country-ish lol)


i'd love to read the narative on what's going on if you care to post it. this is awesome.


You flatter me :) I usually just write a blurb and leave the rest up to the imagination of others.

Feel free to read on if you want a little more of my take or maybe just simple story for an upcoming game night.

The story that comes to my head is...


Four legends from four lands, each would have a separate tale to tell about how they eventually met. Although, I knew Kjell Captain of King Nicholas's guard and he would only stare at you with those fierce eyes until your knees buckled or your bladder let loose.

This story takes place well before even King Nicholas discovered he was heir to the throne. One year after the HelDrocken Demon War ended and his loving Farah made her timeless sacrifice for her lover and unlikely companions. Her soul lost and transformed into the Fire Sorceress Pharess, replacing Demon King Nephal as the ruler of the underworld.


Learning of a way to possibly transform Pharess back to their loving Farah, the three companions finally ended their mad search for the Orange Dragon Kaladrax in his dark savage land. Nicholas and his companions crippled the evil worm, removing his powerful eye, now known as the Orange Stone of Misery (because nothing good can come from dragons.)

On their return journey to the well of Chaos where Farah was lost to them, Nicholas was thought to be incinerated by the persuing Dragon Kaladrax during a heroic last stand at Midar Cliff. Nicholas entrusted the beautiful gnome Ingrid with the Dragon's eye moments before his supposed demise. The Barbarian Kjell took much convincing to not allow Nicholas to die in vain and to continue on as he wished.

That night the campfire brought nightmares to both Kjell and Ingrid. Visions of Nicholas being tortured by a maggot infested undead king sitting on his throne. Was Nicholas still alive?

They awoke and arrived that evening at the Well of Chaos. The summoning would take mere seconds from what they read although, turning her back was not as clear. They were no match for her, but they did not fear her either. The underworld is a large realm and she may have knowledge of Nicholas...


Once Upon a Time She Was Our Ally. Will She Give Us Answers Or Shall She Take Our Souls?

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