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How I rearranged my hobby bench

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"I want to see that desk 6 months from now and see if it stays as nice and pristine :poke:


6 months??? Try two weeks. :)


The paints are still nice and stowed however, more miniatures occupy that old space.. temporarily.

That is what the all say. My desk is used for just about everything: computer, grading papers, terrain building, painting, printing pictures, watching TV/Movies on my PC, and half a dozen other things. It gets cluttered and reorganized constantly.

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You inspired me to spend my evening cleaning up my desk. I made it about half way and am now calling it quits. The paints/printer/craft cutter/supplies/etc half is done. The computer desk stuff isn't organized enough yet. I am probably a half hour from being done. Maybe I will snap a few pics once done and dedicate them in part to this video.

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I think the big thing for me is to put the paints/glues back on the shelf when I'm "done" with them. Typically I have the mentality of "I'll need this later" and leave it out. Later becomes.. MUCH later.. The hobby supplies creep starts working its way closer and closer to the table edge, then I have to go into rearrange-mode. Meh.. the hobby life? :)

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    • By kristof65
      My wife graciously allowed me to redo an area in our basement that was the previous owner's pool room as a gaming/painting area.  Finally got the walls reainted from their ugly green, and my cabinets and countertop for my painting station installed.  Oh, and TV with Roku installed.  Next up is the paint rack for my extensive collection of craft paints. 
      The painting station:

      Reaper paints are in the drawer to my immediate left.

      My craft paint collection:

      A Wire mesh cube rack from Amazon that I'll be converting to a wall mounted paint rack using 3d printed parts. 

      My 3d printer churning out some of the standoffs I designed to mount the mesh:

      And the first half dozen standoffs printed, and ready for wall mounting tomorrow:

    • By DrSmackMatters
      Hi all!  I haven't posted here in a while as I had to take a break from painting to do some remodeling on my house. That was two years ago.    Finally able to get back to this hobby I love so I wanted to organize my paint desk some.  I designed some paint racks to store my mini paints and figured that someone else might benefit from them as well.  I posted them on Thingiverse for all to use.  Totally free and open source!!
      I am adding to them as people ask for additional brands of paint and other configurations.  If anyone prints them and needs some changes or additional options just let me know and I will be happy to see what I can do.  
      Looking forward to getting involved again in this great community!!
      Without further blabbing here are the links to the units:
      Large Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2531450
      Small Straight - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2549451
      Inside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2543779
      Outside Corner - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2588073
      Happy Painting!!!
    • By Grumpy Cave Bear
      I'm in desperate need of organizing my work area. While cleaning, I found a small stack of foam core sheets. So, I formed a plan to get rid of some foam core sheets, open up some storage, and organize my painting area, all at the same time.
      Here's the project, presented wordlessly:

      Darn. I've run out of storage space already. I think I'll have to make a second one at least, what with more paint coming in from mail order and Reaper Kickstarters.
      Dimensions are 15" wide by 13" deep by 12-1/2" tall with a capacity of 126 bottles.
      Total material used for this project: just under 3 standard-sized sheets of foam board.
      It would have been 2-1/2 sheets, but on Tuesday the backboard went missing, and I accused the boys of taking it and playing with it and not returning it; on Wednesday I discovered the piece back where it was before after I had cut a replacement, and I accused the boys of returning it secretly to cover their earlier misdemeanor; and on Thursday my wife asked if I had noticed that I had got the foam core piece back, since she had borrowed it as a backdrop for taking eBay sale photos. I formally apologized to the boys for even suspecting them.
    • By miniaddict
      Like so many other addicts, I found my self just buying whatever I could to add more to my collection of hobby supplies. A paint brush here, a sculpting tool there, ooohh..Hey look a new color of paint !!!!
      Ok- Just me?!?
      Anyhue, I was wondering what the rest of the community uses to keep track of what they have and dont have, or want and really really need?!?
      I myself have found a phone app for the android called "DVD Shelf" - by Dion Harding. Its a wonderful app, and being the Database geek that I am, I found it even more useful when I discovered you can customize fields and add / remove fields as well as import and export Data. Oooohh and it also holds pictures ...WHAT?!?!?        (to much? )
      On many occasion when I visit the Reaper Store I will typically have a list of what I want from this app and just hand them my phone and the man at the store goes and picks it for me. LOVE THAT STORE!!!
      I digress. 
      So know to the point of all this shenanigans. As I mentioned, I am currently using a Android phone and my needs are slowly turning to the iPhone (I am told the darkside has cookies...soo...) However I am not able to find a suitable app on the iPhone that does what this app currently does. So my question is, what does everyone else use for tracking their inventory and perhaps tracking their shopping lists? And is there really an app for that?
      Oh and here are some pics of the app if your interested
    • By ub3r_n3rd
      Massive Voodoo just came out with an Indiegogo campaign for an Ultimate Paint Rack that they designed for painters to be able to use at home and/or travel with. It's pretty cool, all the EB are already gone and they are almost to fulfillment.

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