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Posted here are the (3rd set of 4) completed booths for my farmers market & renaissance fair tabletop (RPG) game board. Complete with all signs, standards & added details. (That brings the total to 10 posted completed booths). Posted here are;


7. Small dancers stage...

8. Ale & sausage booth...

9. Rugs & fabrics booth...

10. Kissing booth...

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I don't know exactly where Catdancer is getting his inspiration for some of these booths, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to start attending some Renaissance fairs.

Thanks for your comments Darsc; they are greatly appreciated. Believe it or not...I have been to only (3) Renaissance fairs in my whole life. My inspiration comes from an artistic mind and I try to add humor & old world bawdy atmosphere whenever possible. I extract past events/memories from my profession and shape them into the theme of the project I am working on. I hope that I am doing justice to your suggestion & idea...and hope that you like what I have and am creating here!

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