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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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I'm cleaning up my work area. Don't make that face, I ran out of space. Plus I started losing Bones in the mess, and decided that wouldn't do. I figured the first part of the plan should be to organize my paint. I have color sheet printouts of all three brands with swatches and numbers, so I'm organizing them by number in each brand section. That way when I'm thinking about a colour, I just reference the, uh, reference and then I can easily locate it. As opposed to wasting thirty minutes trying to figure out where my bottle of olive is hidden.


So far this task has taken me three days.




I... I have quite a lot of paint.


Well anyway, once it's done maybe I can work faster. Also, maybe I can finish Wyrmgear. Because now I'll be able to find Wyrmgear.

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This was the weekend I promised myself to cleanup my work desk... Well after I cleanup the area around it first so I can get to the desk.


Coming up to the end of day one, seriously thinking of starting... Soon... Maybe not tonight... Tomorrow morning'll do... Maybe the afternoon so that I can sleep in...

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Okay, I've got a real-life random encounter from work last night:


I see this girl run down a set of stairs that leads to nothing but people often use to pee in (gotta love drunks) and I go around to the other side and lean over, shining my light down on her. Before I can say anything, she says the following:


"I don't want any god damn cookies!"




I explain that I'm not trying to give her cookies, I'm trying to figure out why she's running down stairs to nowhere. She then explains that she was just in someone's place and had to run away from him because he was being weird. A friend of her's turns up and she goes on her merry (and very intoxicated) way.


Later on, I come across a guy with his keys locked in his car. The car is running. I offer to call a locksmith. His solution? Break the window. He figures it'll be cheaper. Then, he can't even break the window. He breaks the rock before he breaks the window. At this point, I bail. Let him explain it to the cops if they roll by.


I swear, I can not make this stuff up.

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Was able to sell off my pledge for a KS I was pretty upset about...and got the last round of GoblinAid minis as well as all Tom Meier's Thunderbolt elves. And still have a c note in the tank as an impulse buffer.


I've been wanting those elves since before I started painting again, the first mini I bought was a Tom Meier Ral Partha sea elf (I've posted it here). The mini that led to someone asking me if I'd heard of D&D, which led to me meeting a kid at a new school who played AD&D with his older brother (and they both painted minis), which led to us taking art class in high school together years later, which led to us drawing fake album covers of a fake band, which led to us forming a real band, which led to a professional music career (truncated), which led to me living in Los Angeles and learning to paint minis, which (eventually, years later) led to me posting here.


So I'm kind of stoked about this order, Tom Meier holds a special place in my life.

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