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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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Technical writing counts. If you ask me, it's the more difficult of the two. You have to be right, I can just pull stuff out of my butt. Worst case scenario, I'll have some mouthbreather determined to validate their existence with "Ackshually..."


Which is not to say I don't research my stuff, but if I wanted to learn everything about, say, being a doctor, I'd be a doctor. So I'm going to fudge it a bit where I think I can get away with it. It just has to sell as believable, not necessarily correct.


Technical writing has to be accurate. Fiction has to be compelling.


Whichever one you don't do all the time is the hard one.



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Yay, my almost two-month-long painting drought is finally over, huzzah! Nothing like a deadline to stimulate the desire to paint. :upside:


Related to this is the fact that I've spent the last hour and a half looking at various pictures of baby pandas. I have so many warm fuzzies right now you guys, you have no idea. :wub:


More good news is that my grandma is doing VERY well; she's speaking in complete sentences and is able to hold conversations, though she still gets confused at times, but she's understandable about 80% of the time. She's also able to feed herself and is working on standing for short periods of time with the help of a frame. Given that when we left two weeks ago, she'd hardly said a word, wasn't able to feed herself much and was having trouble standing, this is HUGE improvement!


So much happiness. :wub:



--OneBoot :D

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So I had a really crummy Wednesday. As soon as I got up I had to go deal with my broken down car, which took hours! During which I was hungry, because I hadn't had anything to eat and the place was too far away from a food place to get to easily, which made me even more grumpy. And the darn car is STILL in the shop. I hate cars. By the time I got home I was so tired (I had to ride the bus, grr!) that I just went ate and zoned out.


Then work sucked because the computers were down half the night. When they finally came back up I had to rush to cram my work in and get it done on time.


The worst part is that because of being zoned out, I missed putting in my 12 days of reaper order and now I won't get my Burbon Street Sophie ::(: When I realized that last night I cried. Seriously, stupid as it may sound, I cried. ::(:


I am a sad, sad mini painter.

You know, I've heard these Reaper folks are some really nice people. I bet if you emailed them with your tale of woe, they might be willing to swap a Burbon Street Sophie for whichever the item of the day was. Maybe it's not possible, but it can't hurt to ask. I know I would be pretty bummed about missing her, I placed my order that day.

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What the $%& is this? Total BS to me, kid is literally getting away with murder.

This is the kind of stuff (on a much, much larger and more serious scale) I deal with at work. I have called myself an 'underpaid babysitter for adults' far too many times. I have also been known to say "Since your father didn't teach you the meaning of the word 'No' I guess I will."


Speaking of work, I almost walked off the job. Again. I will never understand why people think they can do whatever they want when they start somewhere new. This guy worked one 12-hour shift and managed to mess-up, throw out and otherwise get rid of so much stuff that I am tempted to hunt him down and beat him in the name of Respect. :grr:

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Glad to hear the good news about your grandma, One Boot!!


Now, to catch up:



Hot Chocolate-good

Alcohol-good, especially if someone else is buying

Technology-good and bad

Slobs-bad. I gotta confess that my house is a wreck. Everything that should be clean is, but we have piles of....stuff...everywhere. Mostly my fault, I'm a packrat.

Condolences for all of the bad days, it almost seems like this time of year is a bad luck magnet. It seems that way to me at least.....

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