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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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Fevers broken, so I managed to get a little painting done.....about 10 brush strokes worth before I had to crawl back to bed....then the mister, with his freakishly strong will went to the mailbox and brought me my last Reaper Box.


Needless to say I just had to crawl back out of bed just to open and love on them for a little bit. The Flu sucks!!! BUT It has given me some time to spark some inspiration on what I want to paint my svetlana frost princess. The first time I attempted her when I started to get sick, I couldn't get her skin color right. I wanted it to resemble frost, nearly white or like a frozen body. Instead it came out florescent blue...the color I mixed look bright but as soon as it dried it was bright as all. I put her to wash and tried again with her today. Added two drops of pearl white and a tiny drop of ashen blue. Voila, perfecto. It was my crowning achievement for today.


Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more therapeutic painting done.



Edit: Aaaaaand this greatly reflects how I have completely frogtten the english language...okay back to bed, I swear.


I meant the skin color was light, but when it dried it was florescent and bright. @[email protected]

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And, Mrs. Boot is up, too. ::D:

Clomp-like! Clomp-like!


I wasn't going to comment on it; I'd hate for her to ever get self-conscious on liking things. ^_^



lol It's just my way of participating in a conversation, sort of like a nod of agreement, or a chuckle, or a gesture of encouragement, or sometimes a hug if needed. The way of the like is one of versatility and flexibility! ^_^


Regarding firearms: I've only ever shot BB guns and black powder rifles, but I'd dearly love to actually go shooting someday (target shooting, that is, not hunting). The first thing I ever shot was a black powder muzzle-loader (I think I'm remembering that right) at a Mountain Man Rendezvous that I was helping my dad with; he was the cook. After I'd shot a couple of times (oh man, SO MUCH TEH AWESOME) and gotten a feel for it, I squared up to the furthest target, a metal barrel that rang like a gong when someone hit it, and nailed it just as a group of teenage boys came around the corner. I turned and saw their gaping faces, and couldn't help grinning. Crowning moment of awesome, that was. ::D:


I'm currently procrastinating packing, since I hate it, but at least I was able to get a nice little toolbox to transport my painting supplies in to put in my luggage. We're flying out of Boise tomorrow (erm, later today), with a layover in Las Vegas, then it's on to Portland! I'll wave at the Reaper peeps along the way from the air. ::D:


My random contribution for the day. Boot to the Head!




--OneBoot :D

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Off work, headed home.

Aaaaaand here I am again. Had trouble sleeping last night, SWMBO woke me up at 0500 with her snoring... she's caught my cold, you see, and her utterances in the night were like the wrath of an angry god upon a sinful world.


I'm feeling better on the illness front, a little sniffly and some coughing but much improved. My arm's pretty sore, back in its brace, and the rest of my joints ache. The perils of getting old in an active profession.


I've got a pot of coffee, my cell phone, a legal pad, the latest Casketworks, and what promises - knock on wood - to be an uneventful day before me. Let's see if I can get anything productive done...

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Last knight--don't work too hard! And thank you for the alcohol recipes.


OneBoot--I hope you have a safe trip!



On (off) topic---my ISP is seriously hacking me off right now. They're doing some kind of 'upgrade/service/fixing it 'till it's broken' shenanigans and my internet is all jacked up. I can't get to half the places I normally visit, my email requires several refreshes to actually open, and the pleadge manager is just plain a no-go right now. This had better get fixed soon, like 5 minutes ago, or they are going to be on the receiving end of some very colorful sailor language. :grr:


Re: smart phones---I still have my old antique flip phone, and it's still going strong. I will resist getting a smart phone with every ounce of my being; you'll never take me alive!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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Well, I'm rewriting the opening flavour text to a fantasy* adventure I keep entertaining the idea of running as a system-light forum game. Does that count as "too hard?" ::D:


*D&D, really, but since it's all-fluff-no-crunch it would fit most fantasy worlds with some minor sanding and folding.



Hardly working... by wandererchronicles, on Flickr

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Ha. You detected my string o' "likes," eh? This is how I catch up when I'm pages and pages behind.


The weekend has been awfully busy. We had a birthday party last weekend and have to clear up the last of my husband's chocolate ganache cake to make room for Christmas baking.


We don't make mead, but my husband is just now baking a mead pound cake for the Christmas trifle and the whole house smells of honey and vanilla.


I'm about to make a batch of almond cookies for our traditional Christmas Chinese dinner. They are not quite like restaurant ones, a little more like small crispy peanut butter cookies. The kids and my husband did the food shopping this morning since we're expecting yucky weather tonight and tomorrow.


I started a painting a couple of days ago and it's in the "Augh this is never going to work" stage.


As for the family, there was one school concert, one skating trip, one party, one Magic the Gathering mini-tournament, and one meet-up with friends, all within the last two days.

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