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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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What was it like to paint up hill both ways in the snow with only two colors?


I don't know. We never had two colors.


When I was starting there was only one color and it was black. And it was enamel. From Testors, in little glass bottles.





This explains the profusion of "stealth concept" model planes in the 80's...



And the ninja. Sooooo many ninja.

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My rolls got better as the night went on. ::P: Thankfully... I came awfully close to dying. Which is better than our party heavy, who was one shotted in our next engagement by the enemy heavy... >_< He got better.


Iron Kingdoms is an easy game to come close to dying in, but a hard one to actually die.

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Finally was able to make up the season finale of our Monster of the Week game.


Apparently my character is a spawn of evil (fair enough). She is still paralyzed from the waist down partly because the few weeks off made the others forget they were on a mission to collect something to use in a spell to fix her and partly because, oh, I dunno, my character did Big Magic and teleported herself and someone else to the unknown location of someone else... (She has been making very terrible decisions since she started trying to run the team through group consensus rather than thinking things through logically and moving the team around like chess pieces.)


And I forgot to ask the GM if our Luck reset because I'm down to only two Luck left. They're on the run from the SCP and currently in the hands of a group known as the "Monsterhearts" (because the GM is merging several of his Apocalypse World based games into one storyline... so far Monsterhearts and Monster of the Week have officially merged, but there's still tremulus and one or two others). I don't want to run through a whole season with only two Luck, you guys. Especially when I can't run away. D: I don't think the Monsterhearts group is going to give her a Professor X chair. They killed the guy she teleported with because he worked for the SCP and I think once they figure out she's part of a monster hunting group, she's next. >___>;


I didn't realize until writing this all out how dire it could get. Goodness.

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Carp! Carp! Carp! :angry:


For a while now, I've been buying, but putting off reading, Terry Patchetts latest books.

Mostly because of the authors declining health, I've been wanting to savour them slowly and spread them out as much as possible to make them last.


Anyway, over the holidays I felt in the reading mood and have just finished Unseen Academicals. Of course I can't stop at one Discworld story so I pulled Snuff off the shelf to read next... Only to then realize that I Shall Wear Midnight is actually the next book.


No problem I thought, and went to the stacks of unread books on my bookshelves to pull it out... Only it's not there.

It's not where it should be.

A quick look around and it's nowhere to be found.

Where previously I was 100% certain I had bought this book, and in hardcover, now I'm down to only 90% certainty and am wondering if perhaps I bought the paperback.


To fully appreciate my predicament you have to realize, I have a lot of stuff.


A lot of stuff.


I like it that way. If you've ever been in one of those curiousity shops that were popular a number of years ago, then you'll know the decor I'm going for.

The drawback to that is if something goes missing, it really goes missing.


So far a secondary search has turned up some long lost dinosaurs*, but still no sign of the book. I'm now undecided whether to go ordering another copy, or launching a more comprehensive search... Something I am loathe to do as it will be a very time consuming and labour intensive venture.

One likely requiring aerial reconnaissance photos, the use of a St.Bernard, and the services of a psychic.


Argh! Carp! Argh! :angry:





*not kidding about the dinosaurs. I had bought some Papo dinosaurs a number of years ago with plans of using them in a Cowboy vs Dinosaurs game, but when I went looking for them they could not be found.

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I saw a thing on CNN.com earlier (yes, I know I should know better than to go there) about technologies that will disappear in 5 years. One of the examples was Blu-Ray. The argument being that Netflix-style streaming will kill it.


Y'know, I don't think that's true. Because I have yet to find a streaming service that's "all that". The impermanent library thing is also an issue. Sure, Netflix might have "cool thing X" now, but for how long? And my continued difficulty in finding DS9 to watch anywhere doesn't fill me with hope for stream-only content.


I think that point was a gross overstatement of things, from a very technophilic (and Americanocentric, since streaming content for the rest of us plebians is mostly sparse) view. Streaming video services are, essentially, merely a re-organization of television distribution to a full on-demand model. But the choices of available material are still outside of the user's control - and I think the robust sales of Simpsons DVD sets over the years, despite the fact that even in plebian world it was, at one point, possible to watch Simpsons 24/7, does rather speak against readily available content killing off the hard media world.


Until somebody creates a service that has everything all the time, hard media content will still have a place.

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We were just having this conversation. It feels to us that Netflixs has less content here lately... especially in terms of movies. Also I have found you have to approach netflix in a "What do they have that I want to watch" way, instead of, "This is what I want to watch, do they have it." because you will most often become disappointed.


So even though not a few weeks ago was I all DVD's/Blu Ray is dead! but I am now changing my mind. There are reasons to own hard copies of things you really enjoy because that may be the only way you can find it in the future.


Or the only way to not pay $4.00 to rent a random movie that came out more than 20 years ago.

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