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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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But they have it in the back of their closet somewhere, and some day someone will pay. They've seen it, with the few other items they have sold here and there. They aren't really running a business, they are just hoarding, and telling themselves they are doing it to make money.


Possibly. I also strongly suspect that they simply have no idea what market value is, declare it "rare" and assign an arbitrary value.


I'm even okay with a little greed. Like that Kalmbach book. I'd maybe pay $35 for it. Maybe even $40. That's a nice premium, and it's not outrageously greedy. But, nope, straight to triple digits for no reason at all. It's that leap, that jump from normal price straight to Crazy Town that just angries my whole reality. It's like economics as imagined by a four year old kid.


Kid: "Mommy, I want to sell my power ranger on eBay."


Mommy: "Okay, how much do you want for it, sweety?"



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Nope, no training required to be a sheep. Go for it!


I'm not sure I can trust the advice of a wolf in this regard.


Of course you can! I've already eaten....



Speaking of which, I need to go forage for some manner of dinner...

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Hi peoples! *wave*


My evening is going okay, not as productive as it should be yet, given that, again, I didn't wake up until almost 3pm. Again. :mellow:


I blame Skyrim. It's such a huge ball of epic smothered in awesomesauce and wrapped in bacon and/or chocolate (how else can I describe its addictive qualities?) that I've already lost hours of my life playing it, and I haven't really moved beyond Whiterun yet. It's just so much FUN! :bday: It very much takes me back to the old Quest for Glory series in a lot of ways, which makes the nostalgia part of my super happy. I'm having a blast, I've already been thrown in jail once, picked almost 50 locks, and snuck around town picking up nearly everything that's not nailed down and chuckling to myself just because I can.


It's also been teaching me some things about D&D/Pathfinder, which is surprising. Like why 5 feet of space is good to have around you when fighting with companions, since one of my quests involved bringing someone with me, and I quickly learned that a)my partner did not appreciate me hitting him on accident when both of us were dodging around trying to kill the same enemy, and b) flanking is a very very good thing, since it prevents (a) from happening. Also, carrying limit is a thing which is very important to keep track of. :wacko:




Regarding automated voice menus, I hate them passionately. It's gotten to the point where, even if my issue is something that could be resolved with the automated dealy, I just keep shouting "Customer Service!" over and over until it gets confused and puts me through to a real human. I've also heard or read that you can achieve the same result with automated button pressing menus (For _____, press 1, etc.) by repeatedly pressing 0. I haven't tried this yet, but then again, I have a much higher tolerance for those than for speech recognition menus.


...I forget what else I was going to comment on, so here's my randomness for the day. It's actually super useful!


Behold, why procrastinators procrastinate (and how to deal with it) in visual form:




I used this article (and the second part of it) to explain how my brain works to Husband. It was like a light went on for him. It also helps that I now have something to blame when I keep getting distracted. Thrice blasted Instant Gratification Monkey. <_<



--OneBoot :D

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