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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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So apparently now I not only have a Samsung smartphone, but also a tablet. The less I want these things, the more I get for free. I have been considering "hating" reaper minis, see if it works to net me a big score. I'd like to declare my exceptional loathing for any large beasties, my unmitigated revulsion to any new paint, and my wholesale derision of all the fancy new Bones. I most emphatically never, ever, ever want any of these things.


*waits patiently*

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Homes are excellent ~hugs and back slaps and happy dancing for the Melon Clan~ Hope this place provides you with a nice little section to paint, oh and warmth and security and all those other lesser concerns in a home


Ugh I know right? For awhile we were thinking of trying for an apartment but either they are incredibly pricey or really really really REALLY REALLY not safe. I've had interesting experiences thus far, met several interesting characters and made a few realizations on how tough times are for all walks of life. 


One ladies place had no heat and it's quite cold outside. She said someone stole their heater. @[email protected] 


One guy...questionable house mates, questionable ...odor.....mold, roaches, feared for my womanhood. (I dunno, they might have been nice people, I just couldn't get over the....substance odor and the mold. 


Alas our savior returned our call, it was the FIRST number we had called a week ago. Great place, private, great neighborhood, great price range, even closer to work and school so we save gas...He's just flighty as all %@#$. He manages a lot of properties so this guy is constantly moving and busy. It's great that he keeps up with his tenants though...its just we would LOVE to be his tenants if we can just catch the guy. We have til Feb 1 to move so we just keep contacting him so we can give him our money and get the dang key. For now though we have one place on the back burner. We see it today. 


Supposedly our current landlord found us another place but she hasnt' given us the number yet so we can talk to the lady and see the place. @[email protected] 


I'm not manic, I swear. It just sucks trying to find another house. And I mean house. Now if we were moving inside of our little 285 Atlanta circle,  I could easily find fifty places, but nooo I just had to go to school far away. @[email protected] 

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