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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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It's an art supply company here in the US. I am going to guess, but don't definitively know, that the people who found it (Artist Norman Gulamerian) were from that region. However the company about us page doesn't say for certain why He named it Utrecht. 

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Utrecht is a chain which often has stores in or near prominent art schools.


It carries a decent line of art supplies and its own budget store brand line.


I imagine it's called "Utrecht" because of a vague association with the Dutch old Masters, sort of like the (very high quality) Japanese line of art supplies called "Holbein".

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Also, my gnome found some nice people and they decided to go on adventures.  To start it all off right, I bought everybody a cupcake.  Plus an additional cupcake each for four days hence, which was Sain Bobbins Day.  And you can't have Sain Bobbins Day without cupcakes (or cookies).


Alas, we were set upon by a Harpy and captured.  Said harpy then stole my cupcakes and gave them to her little baby harpies, who didn't even eat them!  They only crumbled them and smeared them all over the place!


Sain Bobbins Day was RUINED!


But as it turned out, the Ranger/Druid didn't like sweets and instead of eating their first cupcake had saved it.  So we were able to split it between each of us, and so everything was saved by a Sain Bobbins Day miracle.


And the harpy got her comeuppance for flagrant abuse of cupcakes.


Next year will be the best, though.  Because we'll have Sain Bobbins Day and, four days before Sain Bobbins Day, we'll have Friend Day!  So we'll have Sain Bobbins Day cupcakes and Friend Day cupcakes! 


I can't wait. 



Also we were ambushed by halfling bandits, one of whom stabbed me in the belly.  That hurt a lot, and I was unhappy.  To protect my friends, I was forced to use my sticker on one of the halflings.  But the other one ran away.  So I pursued, being a forest gnome and we were in the forest.  And his will to resist broke, so he gave up.


I told him very sternly not to be bad anymore, then told him to go home and think about what he'd done. 

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