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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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Let's not get political,ok?


As long as this keeps moving around that's fine.

Cough. Sorry. I was in the same zipcode as a major Ivy-League university when the eighteen-minute gap hit the fan, and the story kind of impressed on me like Konrad Lorenz on a goose.


So, anyway ...


Does anyone else hit the stores the Monday after Easter to get cheap chocolate bunnies?

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I used to stop by Purdy's Chocolates right after Easter, but no other store holds as much appeal.  (I moved, otherwise I still would be!)  I guess I could try hitting up one of the local specialty shops, but they're a bit out of my way now and they don't usually have as much stock to clear out.

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True, we don't like spoilers around here!


I just ordered the newest version of "the barbarian dude" today, wasn't going to miss out on him this time around and decided to get two of him. Dang dollar is nearly worthless against the Euro so it cost me nearly $50 for them with conversion.

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