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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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IIRC, the most famous people I have met are local newscasters and local politicians.


I have also met some people in the world of teacher publications that are well known to those that are in the field of education, but unknown to others.


I really wish I had more of a hobby budget. I would love to go to ReaperCon. I would also love to get a ton of the Darklands stuff from Mierce. I also have this lame requirement of feeding clothing my children...

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Apparently I've met famous people a couple of times..... I didn't even notice. 


I ran into a famous (I found out latter) football player in the supermarket... when I asked him to get something down from the top shelf (I'm not quite 5 foot and he was much over).  Even had a nice chat.  Found out who he was latter from someone who saw me with him...

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Letter posted BTW Last Knight (about a week & 1/2 ago)... Hopefully you get it soon, lol.


And welcome back to a place with internet.

Hehe! I almost made it all the way through catching up on the thread before I got spotted. ^_^


And... about that... *sigh*


Whelp, here we go!


Greetings, all, from Djibouti on the Horn of Africa... where I'm sitting in the Sheraton hotel, waiting for my plane flight home. >_< I've been officially discharged ('paid off' in our parlance) from USNS Patuxent, although I have hopes of returning.


The issue is my Coast Guard mandated Merchant Mariner's Credential; although I put in for renewal while I was home on leave, it unfortunately hasn't come through yet. No paper, no sale... so just over a week from my rejoining the ship in Bahrain, I'm being sent home.


"But LK," I hear somebody in the back of the thread ask, "didn't you just take over a month off?"


Yep. Fortunately, that was the first leave of any substantial time I've taken in about two years, and since I've been sailing for over 10 I get a decent amount of time off. So much, in fact, that I've put in for another month -  and if my paperwork still hasn't been processed, then I've got enough for another month after that.


"But LK, what about those things we've mailed to you?"


Weeeeeell, the ship has my forwarding address; so anything you've sent there should find its way to me at home, in due time. However, I'm quite serious about returning to Patuxent; I feel like I owe them, and I'm pretty peeved at the way this whole thing went down. The ship didn't want to let me go, I didn't want to go, but this was something mandated by HQ and the Coast Guard - and even the Coast Guard waffled a bit, mentioning (after saying send me home, and the ship buying plane tickets) that I could apply for a waiver since I'm on a government vessel, overseas, and my MMC was in the process of renewal. There's a very good possibility that I'll have the new document in hand not long after I get back to the World, and can return to the ship well before anybody's mail makes it to me.


(On the downside, I just gave away a lot of stuff aboard and I've still got two heavy arse seabags for checked luggage here - I'm definitely flying lighter when I return!)


So... yeah.


Anyway. Sirithiliel's letter was waiting for me when I got back to the ship - thank you, Siri! I wasn't able to send off a letter before I left, but I hope to get one out while I'm home. ^_^


Anyway. I'll be here in the Sheraton for another six hours or so, although I'm not sure if my battery will last that long - then it's off to Ethiopia, Paris, Atlanta, and finally home sometime tomorrow afternoon, EST.

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Show of support Like for Last Knight.

Thankee kindly, sah.


Just for beer and skittles, I checked the status of my MMC. After over two weeks of being "ready for medical evaluation,"(including the last time I checked, yesterday) I have officially cleared medical and I'm on to qualifications review, which should be quick ('cause, yanno, this is what I do for a living and have been doing for twelve years).


In other words, I may very well have my paperwork in hand by next week. =/


God is an iron.

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PS: support like. Also, LK, double jackpot if the papers pass you in transit. Triple jackpot if they are then void because you didn't sign them within 7 days on the ship you were vacant from because you got sent off it because you were waiting for the papers so you wouldn't get sent home, and now you have to resubmit the papers...

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