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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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Aww rats! That sucks CP, thought you had a camera that you took pics of your projects with and posted on here. Sympathy like for no camera  ::(:

Eh, I'll get one or the other pretty soon. I'll probably just do WIP stuff on my blog if I do.


Tomorrow it's the Kings (observed) birthday here. LFGS is holding a 10% everything off sale and it looks like theyll be setting up a painting area for me to show off miniatures & the like. :D

God save the King?


I need a chance to go out with my wife soon. Any takers to babysit our wonderful children so we can go to dinner...lunch...coffee...etc?

Oh, I can do that. 375 in the oven for an hour, right? :devil:

Conversely, I can do it on Sundays. That's my drinkin' day... ::P:


I need to get working on my minis again. But, I have to clean, find a new place to live, buy a new computer and try not to murder my bosses for being jerks... Too much to do...

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Today I got my husband & son to help plant the second tree I'd bought.  Then we did some weeding and my son mowed the lawn.  Unfortunately, we probably should have cleaned out the roof drains before the rain tonight, but life isn't perfect. 


Best of all, my arm stopped hurting and I can finally start doing fun things beyond sitting on the couch.  ^_^  I've even got a couple of Bones minis all cleaned up and ready to start work on!

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I bet on the ponies at Churchill Downs, but unlike my 12 year old self, the ponies did not like me back. Bet an exacta that came in, but only paid $8.


So I walked in with $40, ate some, drank some, and walked out with $4, with my belly full and feeling refreshed, ready to tackle the day again tomorrow, which will be t-minus 13 days until my next day off.




Two things I wanted to put in my post but forgot... 1) it was my first time at Churchill downs, and the track really does look like it looks in the movies.

2) I did not have the day off today, so that will be 14 days in a row that I'll work, with extra time likely required next weekend during the Derby, which is somewhat akin to a town holiday. Everything shuts down.

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Mr. Boot and I went to the Idaho Potato Museum with some friends today; we figured we couldn't really say we'd lived in Idaho until we did so.  ^_^


It was actually quite interesting, especially since one of our friends is a farmer and he was able to answer some questions we had (being city folk as we are), as well as point out some outdated information. The gift shop was a lot of fun as well, and I am now richer by one pear-flavored potato chapstick (surprisingly nice), one jackalope stuffed animal (with SHORT ears...but it was too cute to pass up), and one awesome postcard for LastKnight.  ::D:


...There was at least one other thing I wanted to say, but my sleep-deprived brain seems to have misfiled it. Ah well.



--OneBoot :D

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I met an LDS missionary from Idaho some years back, and he looked like a potato. Like an actual living potato. It was every bit of will I possess not to say anything. But in my mind... in my mind it was...


you are what you eat you are what you eat you are what you eat you are what you eat you are what you eat

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Glad to hear it. What did you bribe him with?

Good roleplaying  ::o:


I was a half-orc priestess of raiden and the other girl was a rakasta thief. Our little story started when the thief got set up by a guy in the thieves guild she was trying to join. She went on the run rather than be killed. My priestess (who's a perfectly nice person) was outside the town trying to decide whether or not to go in, because people were giving her the half-orcs-are-evil-filth look, but the town smelled sooo good! (it's a chocolate town). Someone advised her about dealing with prejudiced people, so she went in and had chocolate for the first time in her life.


Meanwhile, thief cat falls in a window while trying to escape the guild and meets an innkeeper who can help her out. So she found a safe place to lay low for a while and the innkeeper agreed to help her get more help. My priestess was led straight to the inn where she was engaged to help the thief prove her innocence.


Here's where it gets hilarious. We decided that the next move was to gather intel on the guy who set up up thief cat. Best way to do that in to be on the inside, so we decide that the priestess should try to join the guild. I go around town making subtle inquiries and eventually find a note in my pocket. When I go to where they want to meet I'm made to wait because the note had been in my pocket for two days :lol: The thieves decide that since they've had such rotten luck with new people ripping them off they're going to do my test right away, so my thief buddy won't be able to clear the path ahead of me. Worse, one of them is going to come with me.


So we get to a nice looking house, I'm told by a short thief person (they all wear hoods and masks) to climb up to a certain window and break in. I don't have climbing skills. But being determined I start making a hash of climbing, fell twice, but the short person had climbed up with me and caught me. We got to the window where I clung for dear life while the short person confronted me with the fact that I wasn't a thief and had no idea how to disable to the trap I could see on the window. He'd figured out I wasn't a thief, though none of the others had. So I got vomit of the mouth and told him everything. Meanwhile thief cat has arrived and is right above us freaking out because I'm spilling the beans.


But the short thief untraps the window and lets me climb in. Once thief cat has climbed down and is hanging outside the window he invites her in too. What followed was a very uncomfortable conversation, but in the end the thief (who revealed himself to be a purple goblin) let us take the loot and leave. On the way out I ended up falling from the window (failed my first roll!) and hurting my butt.


The next day we went to my favorite chocolate shop (the only one I'd ever been to) to treat the disguised thief cat to some good chocolate. The halfling who ran the shop closed it while we were in there and revealed himself to be the goblin from the night before. He'd told the guild that I did a good job and gave them their cut, so I was in. All I had to do was wait for notice for my first real job. If the BBEG who was setting up newbs to take the fall tried that with me I could challenge him to a duel. So we decided to wait.


The thief cat got a (apparently) bad hair cut and dye job to make her look like a panther type cat rather than a tiger. And we ran a few errands. While out and unable to buy anything the thief was invited to a game of poker, which she was allowed to win, and informed that she'd been allowed to win and that the person who'd invited her was a thief and knew who she was.


That night the job began. Someone arrived in my room to take me to the job. He'd been informed that I wasn't the best climber and came prepared with a rope for me to climb out the window. I managed to look professional while climbing out the window too. When we got to the job the thief ran off to do something, leaving a note in my pocket telling me that he knew and I could trust him. While I was waiting thief cat showed up on the building above us, got spotted, and was tied up by her own pet spider (who seemed to be in a daze).


I got taken to the next location by someone else where I was expected to unlock a door. Of course, I had no idea how to do that and tried to use a kitchen knife and a fish hook. Much to the exasperation of the dwarf thief who showed up next. He'd figured out I wasn't a real thief, though he said no one else had, and helped me open the door. He sent me in to my goal. (Cue me comically sneaking down the hall).


Thief cat was released by the guy I'd been taken to the job by (who was also the guy who'd invited her to gamble), and expressed his frustration at being reassigned. He was going to be my thief's tools. He'd figured the whole thing out of course, though no one else had. So he sent thief cat over to the mansion to help me. She arrived just in time to see the dwarf leaving the door I'd entered. So she re-breaks in and finds me.


As she was breaking in I found the door I was looking for, stared at it for a while looking for traps. Just as I'm about to turn the handle a hand grabs my wrist, scaring the heebeejeebees and a squeak out of me. It was the same lady with glowing red eyes who'd captured the thief cat. She pantomimed for me to be quiet and wait, then pointed at the cat who was just arriving down the hall. She scared the cat when she rushed her with incredible stealth and pantomimed her to get to the door and be quiet. The cat couldn't figure out the trap on the door (which she barely found). So red-eyes pantomimed for me to bash the door with my morning star, which set off the trap.


Upon entering the same thief who'd directed me to the mansion congratulated us on setting off the trap without getting hurt by it and let us know that he'd figured the whole thing out, though, of course no one else had. And if they did they'd probably kill us. He watch as thief cat successfully opened her first combination safe ever (detect noise comes in handy) and took all the stuff inside, which turned out to be all the missing loot from the jobs they'd been supposedly burned by newbs on. It also had the deed to the inn for the helpful innkeeper.


This thief took us up to the roof afterwards where we found the goblin thief strung up and bleeding, and were ambushed by the BBEG and some guards. We beat the stuffing out of them, more thieves arrived to help out, and Raiden showed his pleasure with his priestess by starting a thunderstorm and zapping the BBEG (who was actually really fat) after we'd finished him off.


The thieves took us back to their lair, where they discussed the events and realized each of them had individually figured the whole thing out, but didn't trust the others not to kill us :lol: They have trust issues apparently. Anyway, we were asked to join and that's where we ended the session. It was tons of fun  ^_^

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