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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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Was she trying to carve on it with a pointy stick?


@Buglips I once had a UPS delivery man walk up the steps, knock on the door, then immediately turn and head back to his truck. I caught him as he was backing out the driveway.

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What is up with Ninja Couriers?


Apparently my new brushes were attempted delivery yesterday. While I was home. Painting in silence, wondering when my new brushes would arrive. I can tell you three things:


1. The doorbell is LOUD.


2. Even in the absence of the doorbell, anybody walking up the steps sounds like an army marching. I can even hear the neighbour's cat when he walks across it.


3. The sound of anything pulling into the driveway is easy to hear.


So how did the notice get on my door? How? HOW?




That's it - next time I need a stealthy undetectable assassin, I'm recruiting from Loomis. Because those people got mad sneaky skillz.




They've done that to me many times.


That's what Brown does for me.



And I hate them for it.

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nothing to lose and everything to gain. Buglips D Goblin could soon become an international best seller. besides, I'm sure you know as much about helping people as that pointy eared guy from Star Trek knows about raising kids, and I'm told he has lots of books out

Too bad we can't Like posts more than once...

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I once had a USPS guy toss a package on my doorstep. The package was then stolen by my neighbor's husband. I was home and asleep when all this happened. There is now a note by my door saying: "Ring the bell and wait 60 seconds before you walk away. DO NOT LEAVE PACKAGES AT DOOR!" My manager also chews out anyone who just leaves a package at the door.

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