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Randomness Challenge! Tangents Only Thread


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your name makes so much more sense now.

I'm sure you'd mentioned three kids before but it obviosuly didn't sink in.

Indeed! Triplets. That's 3 x 3 year olds at present.


I've never done anything more difficult in my life. No job, even the insane jobs beat this for everything.


I'm a house husband too.

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I used to own a 1970 Chevelle Malibu with a 307 V8. It had a 2-speed aluminum Powerglide transmission. When the transmission lost access to the top gear, I found out that it would do 50 mph quite comfortably in first gear. And it burned about a pint of oil per tank of gas.


Got to love that '70s Detroit quality.

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I finally got my Escoda Kolinskys. There seems to have been some considerable confusion with that order. Evidently they were not on sale, and some miscommunication occured when selecting the various options. Instead of 15 brushes (7 0 and 8 00) I only got the seven 0's.


I don't especially care, except that if I'd understood (or explained my wishes) more clearly I'd have gone 4 0 and 4 00. In the meantime, 7 0's will take care of business for a while. I was getting pretty desperate for new brushes.

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They didn't charge you for the 8 #00's you didn't get, did they? I've had that happen before, it's all sorts of fun (not) trying to sort things out afterward. <_<


--OneBoot :D


Nope. I think where it went wrong was that I originally asked for 8 of each, and then the girl said the 0's didn't have enough to make 8, and I said: "Well, just give me 7 0's then and it'll be fine."


I meant 7 0's and the 8 00's. She may have interpreted it as just the 7 0's. And it may be the the 00's were on sale, but the 0's were not.


Invoice only lists 7 0's, and the math is right.



ETA: In circumstances like this, where something proceeds differently than I expected, when I troubleshoot I always first look at things that might have been caused by confusion or error on my end, before registering a complaint. I worked phone-in help lines, I didn't like being yelled at all day. I will get angry, but only when faced with intractable stupidity or failure to listen. Even then it will take multiple attempts to rouse my ire.


People who call me, however, are fair game. If I say "no I don't want x new service on my credit card" no means no. No does not mean continue talking for five minutes trying to convince me that no really means yes. They may be instructed to do so, but I don't like having my time wasted by a hard sell - and my patience and politeness can evaporate rapidly when people do that.

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