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Fairytales meet The Hunger Games/Battle Royale


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They posted another wall of text; RAW version behind the Sblock:



Status Report Recap and more!   Hi Everyone! As we move towards the Thanksgiving holidays, I look back at this journey and am constantly reminded at how thankful I should be for all of you and for all the ups and down that transpired. I know what you're thinking... more talk? But to tell you the truth, some days it feels like I'm on top of the world, with things progressing and hitting deadlines, like a groove. And other days it seems like a barrage of bad luck and poor decisions affect everything we do. I know it's been a rough couple of years for you in this campaign and with the evolution of Kickstarter, expectations and efficiency is of a much higher standard. Looking ahead, I believe that a lot of the changes I previously kept dancing around with will come together, starting with update consistency and continuing to accept help, especially from backers.

This said, let's get into the meat of things....


Shipping and Fulfillment

If you've contacted Greenbrier Games in regards to fulfillment, they probably told you that they are in the middle of shipping another one of our projects. This is true and not because of playing favorites, but because all the hubs finished processing them first. Fairytale Games: Battle Royale had what I believe to be one of the most unnecessary reasons for delays, a series of miscommunication between the manufacture, the receiving ports, and the shipping/fulfillment hubs. Apparently it is extremely difficult to provide correct paperwork to make things seamless (that was sarcasm). Because of missing forms one company will send an email and wait days for a response only to get partial information back, then once again email again requesting more info and so on. Fortunately Greenbrier Games had intervened and managed to get communication between each party back on track, though it took a couple of months and many updates of misinformation that was given to them, and to us. Sigh.... it's been a real fun time and though we've been transparent on whatever we've been told, dates and times keep changing on us after our posts, making things even more confusing. I mean, we've been told things are on a boat, then at the hub then back on a boat again. (Just tell us please!)

Anyway, frustration aside, per what I am to understand, is that all hubs now have Fairytale Games: Battle Royale and are undergoing processing at each center. So what's that mean? The light at the end of the tunnel for the the Battle Royale core game. Finally.


Ok, so does that mean a holiday delivery or a new year delivery? Sadly, I do not know and await my next meeting with Greenbrier Games to see if they can knock some info out of the hubs to see how long "processing" will take. Now, from what I gathered from our last meeting, there is intention to have shipment begin in December, right after Dragon Tides since processing may be finished by then. If processing gets finished first, we will push for fulfillment of Battle Royale to coincide with Dragon Tides so that those who have backed both can get them at the same time. But what is definitely planned, is for the re-issues of the Sacred40 Minis (for anyone who was missed in wave 1 or if you had errors with your received minis) to receive them with Battle Royale in the same shipment box.

As I get more concrete info (rather than the runaround) I'll let update you. Believe me, Greenbrier Games is just as frustrated as we are since they are balancing and juggling so many moving parts for us, from multiple campaigns after coming into things during a confusing time.



As mentioned, Greenbrier Games has taken the lead in helping us with the shipping and fulfillment for our Waves 1, 1.5, and 2. Though we are all working together on making sure games and minis are getting shipped out as quickly as possible, I just want to clarify the products they are helping us deliver to ensure that questions that come their way only pertain to items they are currently responsible for: 

  • Sacred40 Miniatures (Wave1 and 1.5) 
  • Sacred40 Miniatures Re-Issues (Wave 1.5 and 2) 
  • Fairytale Games: Battle Royale (Wave2)
  • Fairytale Games: Rumplestiltskin (Wave2) 
  • Dragon Tides

This includes anyone who had missing packages from the initial shipping wave of the Sacred40 miniatures and those with missing boxes or damaged parts.

I really want to commend Greenbrier Games on taking this on as it has definitely been an uphill battle to straighten things out from the initial shipping confusion. One of the other larger issues that came about were the outdated addresses and the inconsistency of compiling an accurate list before boxes were shipped out. This made for costly mistakes as packages were sent to places backers didn't occupy, with only a mere handful of packages being returned to us by mail. Wave1 for us was a train wreck between a mismatch of information from 2 separate shipping companies which Greenbrier Games has been working hard to turn around. 


Address Changes, Making it more effective.

After a few "nose to the grindstone" meetings with them, we are excited to have two possible solutions for said address issues. As I mentioned, Kickstarter has evolved. There is now a feature on the admin side that says that it can attach an address updater to the campaign. I will play with it this week to see if it applies to this campaign. If it does, then I'll figure out how to make it live so all of you can edit and change your addresses immediately. In case that was a bit of false hope, Greenbrier Games has offered to develop an Address Updater for us in their Pledge Manager which will cover both Battle Royale and the Minis Campaign. If you're familiar with their Pledge Manager System, it will look pretty close to it, except you won't be able to add or purchase more items, just edit/change your address before the blunt of the shipping for Wave2 takes place. Because we want everything to be done correctly, if we go this route, you will have to enter your address into the system to receive your package. 

In theory, both ways will expedite the fulfillment process and will give you peace of mind that your address change data will be where it needs to be. I feel terrible about having had so many e-mail accounts for you all to send address changes to and not getting you confirmation in a timely manner (or not at all). To change this, we hope that one of these solutions will bring things back in a positive light and get these games/minis to you more efficiently than before.

Now if you have questions for only the products above, you can contact Greenbrier Games at [email protected] If it's in regards to any of the other game editions, expansions, promos or whatnot, please contact me directly at [email protected]



I'd like to start the holiday season positive and dedicate myself to you all, much more than I've been doing. Though I'm not going to guarantee a schedule for updates (since I don't want to break promises) I will tell you that I intend to get into a regular pattern for updates and re-open communication on these threads. I'm also releasing responsibilities of the team to focus more on production and answering e-mails. This is not going to be a process that you will believe will happen so I'll just leave it at this and let actions speak for me. It's about time that we evolve along with Kickstarter. So for all of you who've painstakingly tried to email us, let us regain control again and get back to you, not soon, but now.


My Epiphany

We've been doing this all wrong. Yep, organization and the direction of each and every project had been all over the place. After looking at the last 2 Quick Shots and getting a hard spanking (not the affectionate kind) from our accountant, we realize all these shipping waves are just crazy. So with my epiphany, I realized that not only do I need to be more actively open with all of our products to you, our backers, but also do one thing at a time! 

So what does this mean? I think what we really need to do is start working on all of the PNP files for you all immediately. After finding so many mistakes and missing elements from the rulebook and cards of Battle Royale, I cringe.... every. single. day. I now understand that what I should have done was to release the PNP of it first, have you all enjoy the games and for those who don't print them out, at least give you the opportunity to help us out with reviewing it before we print them. We've been wanting to produce the best game possible. Sure we heard about rulebook mistakes from other companies but until it happened to us, we didn't realize what we could have done better, though many of you had already been hinting at it.

As my updates become more frequent, I would like to start offering up every game related product we haven't printed yet as Print and Plays. This includes things that were never planned to have PNPs such as Super Fairytale Fighters 2 and more. Once all of our these PNPs have been released and had you all thoroughly play and review them, it will go in our production folder. Once all of them are there, we will do one huge production run, then fulfill every single one of them at the same time. No more multi-wave nonsense.

I know that some of you are going to be upset with this news, especially if you have to wait longer for the physical version of your stretch goals, add-ons, and promos. But, the end result will be a closet of polished and professional games. Not something that was rushed to the printer just to meet a deadline. No more running around like a headless chicken and more doing. And yes, these PNP releases will be more frequent and often, so expect a lot to see and do! 

For those who had pledged for the PNPs, do not worry that we're just releasing everything to everyone to access at any time. During the public release my goal is to have us constantly update the files with error correction from Backer Only suggestions. Once a game has been considered complete and placed in the Production Folder, we will unlink it from dropbox so that no one else will have access to it afterwards. 

What's this mean for the Quick Shot section? Alas, it will be no more. Projected dates and percentages don't mean anything if you aren't able to see anything. This is something that PNP releases will definitely change. 


Recap for those who don't want to read everything

Though I strongly recommend you at least skim through the above, here's what we covered during this update:

  • Battle Royale Core game is now in all shipping hubs and is processing
  • The goal is to have a December holiday fulfillment (GBG and we are trying to confirm this with the shipping hubs after the process the inventory)
  • Nothing should be held in customs for international backers
  • Were you missed during our first shipping wave of the Sacred40s? Did you have missing or broken minis? You will get your re-issued minis the same time Battle Royale games are sent out so you can get both at the same time.
  • Got a question about shipping? Greenbrier Games is only responsible for fulfillment of Battle Royale (core game), Sacred40 Minis, Rumplestiltskin, and Dragon Tides. You can contact them at [email protected]
  • Minis Campaign Question? Look for the update there tomorrow (it's 4:15am right now here)
  • What about the other stuff? Where's the "Quick Shot" section? Sorry you'll still have to read the above section called "My Epiphany."
  • Address Changes? Kickstarter has a new tool to let backers update addresses that we are trying to figure out. If it doesn't work, GBG will help us make a pledge manager option for address updates only that will work for this campaign and our minis campaign so you don't have to keep sending emails
  • Will we get better at communication? Yes. More frequent updates and having the team help answer emails will improve this. 

For those who want to contact us directly, please continue to use [email protected] I will depend on the team who will use the next few weeks to catch up. I believe we will all start seeing results to improve communication as our holiday resolution.






Thx @Qwyksilver

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The distinct lack of information addressing EU backers' concerns (should we have gotten Sacred40? will we be getting Sacred40? is there any actual news on that?) and non-response to comments does not, I fear, inspire my confidence in this really being a mostly resolved/delivered Kickstarter any time soon.

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What worries me is this part :

"After finding so many mistakes and missing elements from the rulebook and cards of Battle Royale, I cringe.... every. single. day. I now understand that what I should have done was to release the PNP of it first, have you all enjoy the games and for those who don't print them out, at least give you the opportunity to help us out with reviewing it before we print them. We've been wanting to produce the best game possible. Sure we heard about rulebook mistakes from other companies but until it happened to us, we didn't realize what we could have done better, though many of you had already been hinting at it."


Does this mean they have to redo and reprint everything?

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Well, if they want to hit retail, a largely flawless second edition might be a really good idea. 

They're under no more of a legal or moral obligation to actually deliver a playable version to Kickstarter backers than, say, CMON/McVey were for Sedition Wars.
They still might feel compelled to do so, considering they're not CMON, and not doing right by backers might actually be held against them in the future...
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I think this may still be ok (however long more it will be delayed). But... i am thinking that the news about the minis campaign is not good news... and with the already (justified) negativity he is probably steeling himself for the fall out. I have not been waiting on this as long as you guys (being a late backer) and have gotten my sacred 40... Which is probably not fair.

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