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Now accepting suggestions for a better name.


Attempted to make two playing spaces of terrain in two nights for an Infinity tournament at my FLGS. While its not finished by any means I thought I'd share some pictures.

To avoid a mile long post, you can find a blow by blow over at my blog.


Company I work for sells valves for water distribution. They come anywhere from smaller than 1" to larger than 48". A recent batch came in with 1/8" Masonite for protective covers.

IMG_1856 by LittleRukh, on Flickr


Made some bridges with notches in them so they would secure to the platforms.

IMG_1858 by LittleRukh, on Flickr


Had some heavy duty cardboard tubes laying around so I made legs to give the appearance of floating/high elevation.

IMG_1860 by LittleRukh, on Flickr


How I envisioned a partial layout.

IMG_1861 by LittleRukh, on Flickr


This is what happens when you hand over terrain without instructions.

photo (40) by LittleRukh, on Flickr


Oh well, they had fun. I hadn't started painting it so no harm done.

Right now my plan is to do the underside and legs Chrome. The surface is textured so it will get grey with black wash. I may do some details but my free hand isn't very good.


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      The figures are some my husband painted. 
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