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This is an attempt at an ongoing list of my various projects. I hope to list them chronologically in four categories (My minis, my cardstock builds, "Other, and My Daughter's Mad Paint Skills)
My Miniature WIPs:

  • Elf Pikeman - Warhammer Fantasy Tutorial box
  • Minotaur and Goblins - Warhammer Quest
  • Dwarf - Warhammer Quest
  • 06023: Anhurian Swordsman - Reaper (Learn to Paint Kit #1 - WIP)
  • 02544: Barrow Rat - Reaper (Learn to Paint Kit #1 - WIP)
  • 02512: Tsuko, Male Monk - Reaper (Learn to Paint Kit #2 - WIP)
  • 77005: Ogre Chieftain - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77195: Mr. Bones - Reaper Bones (WIP, Show Off)
  • 77155: Lizardman Warrior - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77153: Snakeman Warrior - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77152: Marsh Troll - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77154: Lizardman Spearman - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77008: Garrick the Bold (Sir Forscale) - Reaper Bones (WIP
  • 77132: Barnabus Frost - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77076: Lysette, Female Elf, Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77162: Yephima, Female Cloud Giant - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77026: Young Fire Dragon - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 50085: Deep Sea Diver - Reaper Chronoscope (WIP)
  • 77149: Damien, Hellborn Wizard - Reaper Bones (WIP)
  • 77020: Bathalian - Reaper Bones (WIP)

Cardstock Modeling WIPs:

The "Other" Category:

My Daughter's Mad Paint Skills (and other young painters):






Note: The original content of this post is below this dotted line. This was done in an attempt to organize my progression in various aspects of my hobbies.




I figure that keeping all of what I do in one place is a decent idea.
First things first:
I recently cleared off and organized my workspace. This enabled  me to spend last night and today working on a project that I had let go to the wayside (Pingo's thread inspired me to return to it): The Maiden. I have one built that I did years ago, but it is not color. It was a fun project at the time, but I have put off the color version for too long and it was the bulkiest thing on my workspace and so it makes sense to be the first project to complete.
I am hoping that posting a couple of pics will help to motivate me. What would do even better is if some of you guys would post comments/questions/critiques/etc.
My wonderful Robo-buddy:
Some of the pieces laid out. They are on black foamcore and you can barely make out the transparencies in this pic:
The hull is coming together:
I will try and post some progress shots of what I get done tonight, but I am hoping you guys can help push me through this project.

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Well, I was up to change my son and couldn't sleep so I thought I would post what I forgot to earlier. I finished the Hull (step 2) and will begin the Stern Castle and maybe the Fore Castle tomorrow (steps 3 and 4).


This is the completed Hull:



This is the Hull with the other pieces thrown roughly where the go:


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Thanks. There is a link in my first post for the product that has more details, but yes it works well for gameplay. I plan to have an undead crew man my black and white ship and a living crew man this one. Hopefully most of those minis will be BONES and here soon.


Thanks for the encouragement!

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(The nautical lady of Shady Lane has hit the town like a bomb ...)


It looks wonderful. Keep up the good work!


I love the idea of an undead crew on the black and white one and a live crew on the color one.


I too am looking forwards to the Kickstarter Bones (those pirates for sure).

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I put in less time tonight since I went to Free RPG Day today, but I got about half of Step 3 done (the Stern Castle). It took more time than I thought because of the transparencies and whatnot. I am still working at it, but not sure how much longer before I call it quits for the night. I will try and post a few pics of whatever I get done.


One a side note, I had a blast at Free RPG Day. I picked up a free t-shirt and other swag from a local with a Kickstarter for Whisper & Venom, had an amazing time playing Dungeon World for a few hours and all around had a great RPG experience today. Every time I play Dungeon World, I enjoy it even more. It was also suggested that I look into Song of Blades and Heroes to use my massive mini collection with.

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I printed, cut, edged and then glued all of these pieces tonight. There is one page left to edge and glue before putting them all together and making the Stern Castle. After that, it is the Fore Castle, the Masts and the Sails followed by props. I am willing to say that I am about half done with this project.


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I put in a little time this afternoon and am going to go watch a DVD with the family this evening. I might fit some time in after, but I'm not sure.


Here is the Stern Castle:




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I really wish that WorldWorks Games would put out another ship. This model has certainly withstood the time that has passed. The copyright on the instructions is 2004.


I put in another hour or so since I posted earlier. I was able to cut/glue/edge 99% of the fore castle in that time (which is step 4). This leaves me with putting the fore castle together, printing/building the masts (step 5) and then the sails (step 6) followed by the props and any kit bashes that I end up using.


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I definitely recommend WorldWorks Games for their level of quality and detail.


I am excited to get this done. I am really torn on how much kitbashes to use. For instance, 3D booms seem like a good idea and if I am feeling up to it I might include the Hull Stairs Kitbash. I am anxious to get my LTPKs worked on and that is what comes next (I think).

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The props in various sets add a lot to game-play. I suggest starting small and with things that can be used often. Building up your collection over time exponentially increases it's usefulness since things can be reused and recombined in different ways. Let me know if you want more help getting started. I love using cardstock terrain for numerous reasons and love to see others joining the fold.

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