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Got our email. This is what they're shipping:


Clockwork Dragon x2

Deep Dwellers x1

Jabberwock x1

Storm Giants x2

C'thulhu x1

KS Sophie UL x1

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On June 14, ReaperBryan stated that they were expecting the last shipment to arrive on Tuesday, June 18th (it's within the US and on their way to them). Since these are going out now, we are left with only two variables - how long will it take to turn around the shipment and start on fulfillment, and once shipping has started, how long will it take for everything to go out. Estimation on getting everything shipped out is app. 3 weeks. So, we're probably looking at this wrapping up by July 9th. All this is from information ReaperBryan has publicly posted - the bonami is nigh!

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OH....My God..saw that email and was like..omg omg omg omg..



then realized it was pre shipment last email confirmation of address





my poor heart... :)

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I got the email as well! It's a smart move by Reaper just as a quick final check before the shipping madness begins (or resumes, I suppose).


I don't recall it being mentioned before, but does anyone know what service the Bones are shipped with for US deliveries? UPS, I'm guessing?

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And the guy who thought he'd gotten shipping confirmation in the Kickstarter comments has realised he just got a little confused by the test email. To date, we've not seen a confirmed shipping notification.

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    • By Laoke
      So, since the start of the month I've been obsessively checking the forums for news on the Bonenami. I've been checking here, on the Kickstarter page, on Dakkadakka, and the forum where I first heard of the Kickstarter. I've ordered figures from Reaper so I'll have something to do, which lead to ordering the Learn to Paint Kits to get some paints ahead of the oncoming wave, just so I'd have something to distract myself. I'm constantly hitting F5 waiting for news that shipping has started, or that Bryan has been crushed under an avalanche of Kaladraxii, or that the Vampires have arisen from the warehouse crypt and are wrecking havoc with the Reaper staff as they prepare for the mammoth task of shipping.
      And it's getting worse the closer we get to the end of the month. Is this just me, or is the suspense getting to other people as well? Are there any coping mechanisms we can share other than rocking backwards and forwards in a trilobite curl on the ground muttering 'Soooooooooooooon' repeatedly to ourselves? Because I've got that one down pat.
      On a side note - I did want to thank the Reaper staff for getting me back into the hobby after 20 years out. I'd forgotten how oddly calming it is to sit down with a figure and start painting : )
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