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And the guy who thought he'd gotten shipping confirmation in the Kickstarter comments has realised he just got a little confused by the test email. To date, we've not seen a confirmed shipping notification.

Which actually make sense, as it's Saturday.

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Was it an actual shipping email or the final systems check email?


edit: May I ask why this post got moved here? It was in response to someone in the Bones Shipping Tracking thread claiming to have gotten a shipping email. I just wanted to know if it was really a shipping e-mail or the systems check that the rest of us get.

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i just received my systems check email, so i imagine my stuff will be on its way before long.

vamp x1

nethermaul x1

kaladrax x1

Cthulhu x1


so, the question is, did all remaining backers get a systems check email or does that mean my order is in some sort of "on deck" queue?

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