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First, welcome to forums!


It looks to me like he's mostly covered, it's just that one of the colors is a very light tan.


I would recommend adding a few colors to this guy. I only count four colors (including the green on the base). If you have any more colors, I'd recommend using them. If you don't have any more colors, try mixing the ones you have. Maybe mix the green with one of your browns for his loincloth. Or put some of that metal color on his arm-armor.


It also looks like you've been holding him by the base - the green has rubbed off around the edges. Many people use poster tack or a tiny (very, very tiny) bit of superglue to hold the miniature to something else.


Also, feel free to made threads in the Work In Progress forum for advice about a specific model.

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For a first attempt this looks good! As mentioned another coat and not holding the base would definitely be another step in the right direction. Make sure you keep this one when you are finished and in a year or two pull it back out to compare how far you have gone.

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