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Minis for my Dark Sun game

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A few years back I took my first foray into GMing by running a Dark SUn D&D campaign for my friends. Since it was my first time behind the screen, I wanted to bring a little something else to the

I'm glad you came out of the shadows then. :) I actually did two Dark Sun minis during last year's painting challenge, so you'll see them here again.   I love that mini. I actually bought it years

On their way back from the desert well the heroes were loaded down with all the water they could carry (Dark Sun frequently measures distance in how many day's water it takes to get there. A single da

Side note: Am I reading the forum number wrong, or is this actually the 10,000th topic?

Yep, this is the 10000th topic in "Show Off." Congratulations!


The minis are impressively done. You definitely give a sense of desert creatures.

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Thanks all for the positive feedback. I'll keep posting.


Those are Sweet! I really like your Winged Snake, especially the feathers on his wings. How'd you do them?


Looking forward to seeing more.

(These were painted with old citadel paint, so some of the names have changed)

The dark brown color is Scorched Brown, mixed up through Bestial Brown

The Medium shade is Graveyard Earth through Kommando Khaki

The lighter shade is Kommando Khaki with layers through Skull White


The figures look great, and good on you for wanting to bring minis into the game. They really do add to the experience and I wish more GMs would use them.

My gaming group has been using minis for a while now, usually custom PCs. They really help me get into a character, kinda like having a little avatar/visual reminder of my character.


The second fight in the arena had the PCs facing off against a Mul (Dwarf-Human hybrid, bigger than either, Kinda like a Liger). Looking at the Art of Dark Sun, most of the characters are lightly clad (due to the oppressive heat) and since Muls are massively strong, I decided that Dark Heaven's Goldar would be the way to go.


Like I mentioned earlier, There's no metal in Dark Sun, so I replaced painted things that would normally be metal as though they were hide, leather, bone, stone, or wood. Most notably, I made his axe bone, and tried to get his plate armor to look like it's reptile hide. This was the mini that helped me realize that this would actually work.



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