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Minis for my Dark Sun game

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A few years back I took my first foray into GMing by running a Dark SUn D&D campaign for my friends. Since it was my first time behind the screen, I wanted to bring a little something else to the

I'm glad you came out of the shadows then. :) I actually did two Dark Sun minis during last year's painting challenge, so you'll see them here again.   I love that mini. I actually bought it years

On their way back from the desert well the heroes were loaded down with all the water they could carry (Dark Sun frequently measures distance in how many day's water it takes to get there. A single da

I really am enjoying seeing your Dark Sun inspired minis! That rattlesnake Coatl is my favorite of them and I might have to paint one like that at some point!

Definitely steal the idea. It makes for a great mini.


I just signed up here to say that I love the Dark Sun setting and I love the minis that you've posted in this thread, Muninn.


Excellent job!

Allow me to be the first to say , welcome, and I'm flattered that you went to the effort just to tell me you like the minis. I really appreciate it.


After the PCs managed to liberate the camp they were sent to investigate a series of caves that the Warlord's men had been sending miners. Inside they found a large stone chamber protected by undead guardians, including this mummy.


This is Reaper's Khalith, Mummy King, and also the first time I used a metallic paint on a miniature for this game. The gold necklace was actually a kind of locket, which was needed to open up the tomb.


As they looked around the tomb itself they found a wall full of hyroglyphics, along with some pictograms. I had created this image in photoshop so they could see what they were dealing with. To show you a bit of the forethought I put into this, you can see the kneeling figure in the drawing is actually based on the mummy miniature above.


I don't remember exactly what the text said (I have the translation somewhere around here) but this wall was foreshadowing for the rest of the adventure, and what i considered the true beginning of the campaign. The story was that the high priest (the mummy) above was gifted with a number of powerful artifacts by a long-dead benevolent Socerer King. The symbol of the scales actually represents three weapons: a spear (the central shaft of the scales), a staff (the horizontal shaft) and a shield (the base of the scales). This symbol would become recurrent through the rest of the game. The priest then delivered the items for safekeeping to a temple protected by priests and a tribe of halflings (as noted by the tablet to the right). Sadly, the game ended long before these revelations could come to light.



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Muninn, can you share the colors you used for the mummy's sword. The blue is really striking!

It's been a while, but iirc, I blended Chaos Black, to Regal Blue, up through Skull White from base to blade, then gave it a wash of Asurmen Blue. I've used the same technique with red before, but this was my first go at blue.


The week following the undead skirmish the PCs found themselves back in town, and sent to rob a vault at a fancy party masqueraded as musicians. They caught the negative attention of the head servant however, and chaos ensued.


This minis, Tamclar the Shorn, was an easy call for the head servant. Dwarves in Dark Sun are hairless, so this mini was a sure thing. Something about the model gives off an aristocratic vibe to me, so that's where I went. There are also a lot of tattoos in Dark Sun art, and I hadn't touched on that aspect yet, so I wanted to try my hand at a little line work.



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So ~ how'd you do his tattoos? :wacko: And Respect for the Gem!

Just watered down black, and a steady(ish) hand.


So after the PCs had to make a noisy, obvious exit after burglarizing a wealthy estate they were sent out of the city on a sand barge, a ship that could sail on the Sea of Silt, headed for the city Tyr. On the way their boat was ambushed by a group of giants (giants are tall enough to walk through the silt)


I decided to make a custom D&D Floor tile in lieu of using a wipe board. Here's the boat I made for a fight on the Sea of Silt against a band of giants.



A better top-down view. Most of the giants had an attack that could shatter the deck, so I also created "broken deck" tiles to go along with it. If a player was knocked onto a broken tile they fell through to the cargo hold, and had to run back to the top.



As it turns out, the giants were attacking cargo ships under the orders of a defiling wizard. They took a pit stop, and decided to apply the boot to him, medium style.


This is Cazalet, Plague Priest, and painting him posed an interesting challenge since he's clearly wearing chain & plate mail. I painted the plate as though it were leather (I gave it the same design as a desert animal, a Crodlu) The chain was a slightly different task. To me it looked a little like knit, or crochet, so I figured I'd try to pull off a cloth look, and chose green to tie the sickly pallor I was trying to go for.



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I'm'a have to subscribe to a thread for the first time.

A.) I'm honored to be your first subscription. B.) Sadly that was my last actual encounter from my D&D game, but there are still a handful more minis I prepared for the game, so you'll get a few more updates out of me :)


So what mini are you going to use for The Dragon?

I never actually planned on introducing the Dragon. The campaign was going to revolve around foiling Warlord Sarnoff (He' the one who took over the mine) from capturing the free city of Tyr and setting himself up as a new Sorcerer King.


The last post was actually the final session from the Dark Sun campaign, mostly due to the fact that one of my players got himself an evening job on our game night. I couldn't very well malign him for wanting to earn more for his family, so the game had to go the way of the dodo. Such is life.



The next session would have found the Heroes emerging from the Sea of Silt and joining up with a caravan to head into Tyr. The caravan would have to have protected itself from a number of bands of highwaymen. The PC's would eventually realize that these attacks (as well as the attack by the Giants) are an embargo to keep resources from reaching Tyr.


The last fight they would face an actual blockade led by a lieutenant of Warlord Sarnoff (as well as the surviving Pterran brother from the mine encounter).


This is Reaper's Lorgun Duneflint, and was definitely made for Dark Sun. Seriously. I didn't even have to try to modify anything, or adapt my paint palette to make metal into a different material. I painted this guy in a single day as a part of a speed-painting challenge, which is why you see so much use of washes. Overall, a fun mini.



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