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*to put accuracy rates in perspective, when my wife worked for Merrill Lynch keying in financial data for clients, they had a standard of 95% accuracy for their employees doing that. The manufacturers I've worked for have typically ran at 96 to 97% on their assembly lines - a higher standard than stock brokers!


Sadly, I do not find this shocking at all. Manufacturers of durable goods have long had reasonable standards, and often have much higher liability requirements. (What do you suppose the permitted defect rate is at Airbus?)


I don't know Reaper's error rate, but the guesses above seem reasonable to me.



The tolerances for Lego brick manufacture are also supposed to be insanely strict - When was the last time you got one that didn't lock tightly to the others?

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even if they have all Canadian´s orders (~1500) ready to go, it will be 6500 orders.

They are doing 800 orders/day (and decreasing as the orders size up), so it will be at least 8 days...


Some of the Canadian orders seem to have left the building. Over in the Canadian shipping thread, myself and three others in BC and Alberta have received notifications and tracking information from UPS that indicate our packages are in the country already, having been scanned on both arrival and departure in Concord, Ontario. Expected arrival by End of Day July 3 for Alberta, July 4 for BC.


Or maybe UPS is shipping phantom packages …

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Bryan's lunch update from KS:


For those asking about Canada: we got a few hundred (200+) sent out before they told us we had done them wrong. I am told some will be returned but others are going as is. Otherwise, we are in the 12s now, and have peeled off a small crew of 6 people to open the Kaladraxes and verify the legs, since we have seen a high number of complaints. That is slowing us down, but I believe in the end it will improve the experience for everyone else.


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Bryan posted an update about the 200 Canadian escapees on KS. Should go read, I can't link or paste.


Edit- Ninja'd.


How are you going to infiltrate ReaperHQ if you're getting out-ninja'd on the forums?


Unless this is all a diversion for plausible deniability. Tricksy goblinseses...

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I hope it's going okay over there.


Anything else goes wrong and it'll be time for Yakety Sax.

Buglips, in the last 24 hours I have seen reference to "Where There's a Whip There's a Way," "All Over the World " by the ELO from the criminally awful movie "Xanadu," and now you referencing "Benny Hill."


If I were not immune to earworms I would be very very cross with you.

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