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"Thanks for following along". They... done? 0.0 Weee! :D

Talk about cool city name:

München DE


At first I was simply ging to say "someone been mixing unicode and not unicode?", but I couldn't resist checking it out a bit more.


German umlaut ü is UTF - 8 encoded as C3 BC (hexadecimal) as it is one of the characters above 127. If you decode it as an 8 bit unicode (equivalently latin-1, which I guess is the one used) this turns into two characters C3 BC, which after looking them up, is that A and one quarter! *sort of happy with himself* ;)

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From Facebook: Due to USPS policies, our tracker data is very out of sync. We're going to take it down now. Goodbye tracker! You were fun!


It´s been a fun ride!


Thanks Reaper for it!

Thanks to all in this post for sharing the experience!

And a special thanks for all the people who made charts and equations about the tracker so I don´t feel alone in my OCD... ^_^

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