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Finally back. Feels like forever since I posted anything up here. So this is what I have been up to the last couple of days.


I started with blocking in the main colors and making sure that the red and black switched placement on miniature at the right times. I am not thrilled with what I've done with the face, so I'll probably fix that soon if it drives me crazy enough. For the accents I'm planing on a golden yellow color.


[C&C always welcome.

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Facepaint is a difficult one to deal with. If her neck can be seen, make sure to do it in a regular fleshtone otherwise it will look like she just has white skin.


As for how to shade the facepaint, google image search for "Harley Quinn Cosplay" is your friend. The shadows tend towards a blueish grey, but the skintone does still come through a little on larger areas like the forehead and cheeks. Avoid a clean white.



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So here is a quick update of today's progress.




Re-worked her face some to varying degrees of success. I think the lips look a bit better but I can't seem to get the mask the way I want it. The fleshtone was restarted building from tanned highlight to white. It is not super white like the picture shows but probably too white overall.


Most of the accents are started. Unfortunately my new gold and antique gold droppers are both clogged up, so I used some old citadel gold for the buckle and the latches on her jacket. They definetly need to be toned down as they are very shiny at the moment.

As always C&C welcome. I think I'm on the right track, but if there is anything I need to fix that I may not have seen that would help a ton.


Sorry for the phone pics. I seem to have misplaced my camera charger.


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Thanks. I thought that might be an issue for the tie. I just wanted to do something other than red or black and I thought the purple would stand out a bit and make her white face pop more.

If you're using gold as your accent, I would go with that (maybe in a diamond pattern?).

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