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Finally Completed the Super Dungeon Explore Base Game

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It took me about 8 months to complete my Super Dungeon Explore Set. I was excited enough about this to build a lightbox and try to take proper photos of them. I had only painted maybe two dozen minis or so before I started this project so you can definitely see my skill improve over the course of the project. You can see all the photos on my flickr, but I've put a few of my favorite below. Comment. Criticize. Hurl broken glass. Whatever seems appropriate.
























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Congrats...in 30 years i have only finished one box set. These look good, now start playing the game with those awesome minis b

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Love how you started with the white wolf-bear-thing, and the next image is someone wearing it like a cloak


Actually, it's the druid character and his animal form, he transforms between them during the game.

Really nice to see these done up, I should get around to painting my set (and getting the Von Drak expansion).

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You did a great job on the eyes, and I like your Glimmerdusk Ranger a heck of a lot more than mine.


I just have to paint Starfire and Rockgut and my SDE collection will be fully painted -- including Van Drak's Manor, Caverns of Roxxor, Vandalla, and the Herald of Vulcanis.

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Yeah, anime eyes are a blast to paint. What I did:


Paint the whole bed black. Fill the bed with white leaving only a very thin line of black at the edge. Paint a large circle of the color you want for the iris. On a few of them I then drew thin lines in a darker shade of that color radiating from the center. Paint a black pupil. Then place light spots in white as desired.


The big blue eyes of the hatchlings were especially fun. They're so cute! They'll eat your face!

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