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"Premium" versions of old D&D books

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Context is important, and what separates a good critic from a grumpy hack.   That's why I maintain that Sucker Punch is grotesquely underrated. It's not a movie for everybody, but there's a lot to

They were my first D&D books. Problematic thought they were, I have a certain fondness for them the way people have fondness for the (usually) terrible children's books that first got them excite

I did a search on WOTC's D&D forums for "reprints 2nd errata", and found a thread in the May 25-27,2013 range indicated there that errata was incorporated into the 2e reprints. Two posters confir



People really still get excited over the 2nd edition books?


They were my first D&D books. Problematic thought they were, I have a certain fondness for them the way people have fondness for the (usually) terrible children's books that first got them excited about reading.

Winnie the Pooh is awesome :angry:

You don't agree with Dorothy Parker?


After she gave a bad review to"Now We Are Six," she admitted that "to speak against Mr. Milne puts one immediately in the ranks of those who set fire to orphanages."


And a year lat this was her review of the just-published "The House at Pooh Corner":


The more it // Snows-tiddely-pom, // The more it // Goes-tiddely-pom // The more it // Goes-tiddely-pom // On // Snowing.

And nobody // Knows-tiddely-pom, // How cold my // Toes-tiddely-pom // How cold my // Toes-tiddely-pom // Are // Growing.

The above lyric is culled from the fifth page of Mr. A. A. Milne's new book, 'The House at Pooh Corner', for, although the work is in prose, there are frequent droppings into more cadenced whimsy. This one is designated as a "Hum," that pops into the head of Winnie-the-Pooh as he is standing outside Piglet's house in the snow, jumping up and down to keep warm. It "seemed to him a Good Hum, such as in Hummed Hopefully to Others." In fact, so Good a Hum did it seem that he and Piglet started right out through the snow to Hum it Hopefully to Eyeore. Oh, darn---there I've gone and given away the plot. Oh, I could bite my tongue out.

As they are trotting along against the flakes, Piglet begins to weaken a bit.

" 'Pooh,' he said at last and a little timidly, because he didn't want Pooh to think he was Giving In, 'I was just wondering. How would it be if we went home now and *practised* your song, and then sang it to Eyeore tomorrow---or---or the next day, when we happen to see him.'

" 'That's a very good idea, Piglet,' said Pooh. 'We'll practise it now as we go along. But it's no good going home to practise it, because it's a special Outdoor Song which Has To Be Sung In The Snow.'

" 'Are you sure?' asked Piglet anxiously.

" 'Well, you'll see, Piglet, when you listen. Because this is how it begins. 'The more it snows, tiddely-pom---' '

" 'Tiddely what?' said Piglet." (He took, as you might say, the very words out of your correspondent's mouth.)

" 'Pom,' said Pooh. 'I put that in to make it more hummy.' "

And it is that word "hummy," my darlings, that mark the first place in 'The House at Pooh Corner' at which Tonstant Weader Fwowed up.

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Goblins don't have children's stories like that. For one, we don't have books. For two, most of ours have titles like "The Mad Dwarf Who Hides Under The Bed And Eats The Faces Of Goblin Girls And Boys" (it transliterates awkwardly into hooman) and "Uncle Nilbog And The Exploding Wizard" and "The More Brothers And Sisters You Have, The More Likely One Of You Gets To Be An Adult".

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I don't agree with most critics. They're idiots. There was one for the New Yorker who reviewed Speed Racer as if it was supposed to anything other than a fun, silly movie. It's a movie about a kid who races to save to the world! Of course it's not intellectually challenging! Nit wits.


So, I don't pay attention to critics about books and movies.

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Context is important, and what separates a good critic from a grumpy hack.


That's why I maintain that Sucker Punch is grotesquely underrated. It's not a movie for everybody, but there's a lot to be enjoyed if you frame it thusly:


It's live-action Heavy Metal.


See? There's nothing in Sucker Punch that's any weirder than an astronaut in a flying classic car and a mind-melting green orb that tells a story so good it kills itself. Heavy Metal is a classic. So is Sucker Punch. It's everything HM 2000 wasn't.


ETA: When I saw a lozenge-camo'd WWI bomber appear with a remix of White Rabbit playing in the background, which led to steampunk/anime mecha and zombie germans, I actually said out loud: "Everybody who hates this movie is wrong."

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I agree with Buggy on "Sucker Punch." I loved it. Not my favorite Snyder film, but a good watch.


If these Premium books were based on the original 2e books I'd probably be all in, but they seem to be based on the abominations of reprints that came out late '90s. I blame them for my HS girlfriend breaking up with me. Seriously though, I hated those reprints.

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What was so wrong with the reprints? I've seen people complaining about them elsewhere, but I've never really seen a reason for it. Was it because they changed the layouts or reordered pages into something confusing? Do people just dislike the newer covers? Or is it more of the standard edition war type hate, where "it's different, therefor I hate it" seems to be a blindly chanted mantra?*


Right now I'm trying to figure out which edition of AD&D my dad likely would have played. My best guess is 1st edition, given the release date of the game and that he would have been right in the correct age group for pretty much the entire span of that edition. For 2nd edition it's also possible but it would have been during his time in the military. Though I do know he played then, since one of the guys I started playing with last year was in the same unit(and is technically a relative through marriage) and they played together some prior to being deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1990. He doesn't remember what edition it was that they played, just that they were able to get a good group of guys playing on occasion.


*I'm guilty of the edition war nonsense. It's why I don't own a single 3.5 book. I had just bought the 3E books the year before, and then they rolled out 3.5 and changed just enough to make the books not 100% compatible. Sure, in the end it was all pretty much for the better, but I didn't see it that way at the time. They just wanted to screw me over and get me to spend more money on stuff that I had essentially just bought.

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For me it's a combination of aesthetics (now all my books don't match), the lower quality of supplemental material after that period as they began to run low on ideas, and (worst offender of all) the eventual switch from faux leather binding to cardboard on the brown/blue books.


I'm the only one I know who is this picky about it, and my friends laugh at me. But I collect 2nd edition, and if it doesn't say 2nd Edition then I don't collect it. The 1995 reprints just say "Advanced Dungeons & Dragons".


I'd be tempted to sell any one of you into hard labour for a mint copy of the Al-Qadim Monstrous Compendium, but if you gave me a ninja's handbook I might use it as a coaster.

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For me I hate the reprints for a couple of reasons. Mainly they were pointless. They hit just before 3e, and I just didn't like the look of them. In the original editions the artwork was brilliant, stylish, and classy (my opinion). In the newer editions the artwork not so much. So for me it was mostly about looks, they certainly conveyed the same information. I gave all my 2e books away to some troops a few years ago, and when I started getting interested again I managed to snag PHB and DMG from the last runs before WoTC swallowed TSR up. I realize I'm not qualified to make any judgement calls on whether WoTC switch over was for better or worse, but a lot of the magic I feel for 2e, and for AD&D is tied up in the look and feel of the original books. Just my .02.


I gave away all my monstrous compendium inserts, but kept the binder, and I now use it as my Bid [email protected]^)ed Book of Coolness in which I store all my painting handouts from Rcon, all the maps I draw, and sculpting articles. I prefer the 1e monster books.

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The disclaimer in the front of the reprints that says "This is not a new edition!" tells me they knew it was a bad idea and went ahead with it anyway. If you have to spell it out in the forward, your product will confuse people. This is bad. It's especially bad when the redo wasn't critical, or even necessary. It wasn't long after that when TSR went bankrupt, so to my list above you can add "visually signifies last gasp of TSR".


There's a lot tied up in it. I'm content to use them if they're in play, sure, but there's no place on my collect/preserve shelf for them.

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There is only AD&D. No bloody 2nd, 3rd, or 4th editions!



Okay, we did play into 2nd edition, but we didn't get into the expansions.




Also. I've never watched Sucker Punch.




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Well, I can definitely see it from a collector's point of view. A reprint is always one of those things that collectors get all cantankerous about. Heck, I'm not really a serious collector of comics, but I scoff at the color reprints of The Walking Dead comics despite not having the original B&W singles and only having trades up until about I started buying singles around issue #25.Though sometimes I think reprints need to happen. Like for my Magic: The Gathering novels. A bunch of my older ones got severely water damaged thanks to a leaky air conditioner, and now they're all bloated and warped. But they seem to stop printing them really quickly once the card set they're based on falls out of production, so I can't get replacements without spending $30+ for certain ones, when the retail price was $7.


But for people who are just playing I don't really see why they would hate a reprint. Sometimes they can cause minor arguments at tables over how the newer printing has slightly modified rules thanks to errata, but rules arguments happen over a lot of things even when you're talking about the same printings of RPG books. Heck, that new printing's errata might solve arguments for you.


Oh, and the AD&D 2E reprints were in 1995. That's 5 years before 3E came out(2000), and they didn't change anything other than the look and feel of the books themselves. Compare that to 3.5, which came out only 3 years after 3E first hit the shelves and was not only a redesign of the books, but changed a lot of the game inside too. Sure, the rules were still technically compatible, but some classes got fairly major reworks, and so we had arguments over which version to use. Eventually we managed to work out what we liked to refer to as 3.25, where we cherry picked stuff we liked better from each end, but talk about a point of contention on release...

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      If this has been posted I'm not finding it.  This kickstarter is a rules conversion type.  The game exists in Swedish and has been translated into English.  The next step appears to be releasing a version for 5E.  Of course, if you are like me and enjoy reading different rule sets, the original books are obviously still for sale.  The price point for the kickstarter doesn't appear to be much different from what they have published, unless I'm missing something in the currency conversion.
      Ruins of Symbaroum for 5E
      They also have a gallery of some of their art.

      The acclaimed setting of Symbaroum has enticed and fascinated fans of tabletop roleplaying games since the launch of the game in 2016. Now this dark and mysterious world welcomes an even wider audience, with the production of a Player’s Guide, Gamemaster’s Guide and Bestiary adapted for 5E, published under the Open Gaming License. Note that you will need the core 5E rulebooks to fully enjoy Ruins of Symbaroum.

      Welcome to the world of Symbaroum

      The rich and nuanced Symbaroum setting revolves around the Ambrians – a civilization that two decades ago were forced to flee their ancestral soil after a devastating war. Their new and promised land borders on the vast forest of Davokar, covering the remnants of the Empire of Symbaroum which fell into ruin hundreds of years ago. Brimming with natural resources and mythical treasures, the forest calls out to the Ambrians to be explored and plundered, but the road into its depths lays far from open. Not only are the shadows beneath the foliage fraught with danger, monsters and infectious Corruption; there are also the elves of the Iron Pact who have vowed to die to keep anyone from disturbing the ruins of old, warning that the ancient evil of Symbaroum stirs in its sleep. 

      About ten years ago, Queen Korinthia of the Ambrians finally vanquished Chieftan Haloban and his Jezites.
      Now you can join in the adventure! Seek out the barbarian clans to trade or to plunder their treasuries; establish a base of power among princes, guilds, or rebellious refugees in the capital city of Yndaros; survive encounters with trolls, dark-minded beasts, and undead warlords. But always remember the warnings spoken by the wardens of the forest: tread carefully and do not disturb the ruins of old, for the horrors of Davokar are about to awaken!
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      I can't begin to tell you how excited i am that my parents found these in the basement in some supplies i had stored.  These are Ral Partha models from 1988 to 1991. I bought them with my allowance back when i was like 9 or 10 and am thrilled to see these again.  I remember being so afraid to paint them because i didn't want to mess them up, that i never ever tried.  
      These are primed and need to be stripped. These are early pewter-white metal.  They even had packaging that read "now lead free". 
      What I'm wanting to do is savor the joy of painting them, now that I'm way more capable.  However...i need to get this crappy primer off of them.  These are 30+ years old and I'm blown away they look as good as they do.  
      Anyone have a solution that can strip this down to the metal? 

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      is that true though?  why wouldnt it be huge if the base determines that?
      Wizkids, who does the official D&D models (in line with the models from GF9 that are also official) have a line of dragons coming, starting in dec/jan, that they said are their new gargantuan dragons and described them as properly sized or something .    
      Here's a pic of the first, the white:
      Maker: Wizkids / Wizards of the Coast Brand: Icons of the Realms Set: Gargantuan White Dragon, Arveiaturace Date Released: Jan 2021  
      really like the greek set. so nice!!

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      Dungeons & Lasers Second Edition prelaunch page


      -The 2nd campaign will offer products from the 1st campaign as well (called Legacy Products) with an option for shipping within a month from the end of 2nd ed Kickstarter. So ultra-fast, in the scale of Kickstarter, delivery.

      - 6 YES! that's 6 Dragons as a single pack or to buy individually, or as a free stretch goal with your terrain pledge! Please give us feedback in the questionnaire about prices! Link to the questionnaire at the bottom of the update.

      Here are 4 dragons out of 6! and yes that DnD miniature is in scale (28mm). More pictures below.
      Currently, we have only planned to make fantasy themed dragons! Please convince us in the comments to make one in a Sci-Fi theme (please! I need good arguments to convince the boss!)

      -optional half-walls - we are making, as we speak (see video), 1st test tool for half-walls, this was requested by you in the post-KS questionnaire. Half-walls will be an OPTIONAL buy (or selected in the pledge manager instead of 50mm ones, we are still working on it). Cost of it - as it will be optional we will make it as close to manufacturing costs as legally possible!

      - as requested, we will be also making a large tool with end-half-clips, available to purchase for manufacturing cost / or will be part of a stretch goal, no only that we have some ideas for clips supporting next tier (more to come in next updates), this option will allow you to build easily several dungeon levels.

      - 3 more themes, 2 fantasy Dwarven Mine, Cursed Cathedral, and Temple of the Operators. )and POSSIBLY MORE?

      - All new stretch goals! We are aiming to DOUBLE the number of stretch goals to 1st DnL Kickstarter! Yes, twice more!

      - Pre-launch Stretch goals! : For the first time, we are introducing Pre-Launch Stretch Goals. The more folks subscribe to our Pre-Page on Kickstarter, LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/archonstudio/dungeons-and-lasers-second-edition the more free items we are adding to the pledges! Head on to our KS page and click "subscribe"! Make sure your friends know about and share the link: archon-studio.com/dnl2

      We want to make as the best deal for backers as possible, thus, we need your feedback and support about DnL 2.0 here is the link to the new questionnaire:


      You will find more information on our blog here: https://archon-studio.com/blog/dungeons-lasers-second-edition

      they did the rapid delivery of existing stuff for their previous terrain KS and it worked well, and came in on time, and their plastic is pretty good so if you like the look of it well worth considering

      also do sign up for KS notification as that's going to help backers get more stuff!
    • By Firestar
      My first Wyvern. :)
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