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77012 Gnoll MacDonald, Maledrakhs Sixth Bone


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Gnoll MacDonald raids your farm E-I-E-I-O! You don’t want this kilted maniac mocking you with his laughter whilst raiding your livestock. He does seem to be looking to give someone a Glasgow Kiss!




Black base coat, fur and skin is desert yellow and khaki with soft tone ink shading and whatnot. I used a dark green for base under the mail, wood and all the leather. Soft tone ink and strong tone ink in places.




The failed kilt taught me something:

When trying to paint a thin white line in a nice tartan black/dark red/ brown framework:

Thin the paint! Alot! Or what happens is that the paint dries on the brush, making it impossible to make a straight line, even less a latticework of them! Leaving horrible lumpy things ruining the tartan completely. So I had to do a part of it over. This time I dropped the fine white lines, keeping the classic MacGregor clan tartan.




The base was built up on one end so the gnoll stood more dynamically in it’s pose, and then I stuck several tufts of Army Painter Meadow Flowers around the higher foot, as if he is treading in someone’s flower bed. It also makes for a slightly different type of base while keeping the style I use for these figures.


As you might have noticed, I do not like the so-called Broccoli bases. Good thing the Bones material makes it really easy to alter them or even carve them right off.

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I love this whole miniature but i am especially intrigued by that base! Meadow Flowers you say? I've been a classic (re: boring) static grass guy for eons and really want to diversify my basing techniques. What did you use to build up the one end of base? Did you slice off the broccoli base on this mini?

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I love this whole miniature but i am especially intrigued by that base! Meadow Flowers you say? I've been a classic (re: boring) static grass guy for eons and really want to diversify my basing techniques. What did you use to build up the one end of base? Did you slice off the broccoli base on this mini?


Hello and thank you for the comments and praise everyone!


I keep most of the broccoli base on these larger figures, maybe trimmed a bit to fit the plastic base I use.


For this one I wanted the left foot to be higher than the right, as this gave a more threatening angle to the pose, and also made the face look ahead and not down at the ground.


the broccoli base was shaved at an angle beneath the right foot, and glued on to the 40mm round base so that the rest of the base stuck up in the air at an angle. Then I trimmed the left end of the base a bit, and stuck the pieces of cut off bones base underneath in the gap (just to fill the gap a bit). Then I used green stuff to support and fill the rest of the base so the figure stood on a smooth slope / hilltop at the angle I wanted. The shaving of the base under the right foot was strictly not nessecary but I wanted to try to see if I could. It turns out that Bones are very easy to cut and shape.


When I had painted the figure, I painted the top of the base in an earth brown and the rim black. I superglued some tufts of the "army painter meadow flowers" around the left foot, and used my standard mixture of different types of flock, ballast and static grass on the rest, glued with thinned PVA glue.


If you have not used tufts before, try some! They come in many varieties and really work wonders!


This base-finishing method is very quick and I think the results are very good, no faffing about with sloppy sand painting,

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