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Ode on Intimations of Kaladrax


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So, I got the remainder of my shipment on Friday, but due to traveling, I did not have time to squeal with glee, and strew the pieces about. I have just finished assembling Kaladrax, and I thought I would wax poetical on the pros and cons according to me.


So this thing is huge. Like Kaiju huge. Also it was kind of a pita to assemble. You wouldn't think that a model with only 14 pieces could be problematic. It would have helped if I'd been actually gluing, instead of just doing a test assembly. Did I mention that this thing is huge? Seriously, I knocked my beer over like 3 times while trying to get this guy all together. The base is a big solid honking chunk of Bonesium, which is great, because it has to support a giganormous dragon. My Kaladrax seems to be missing one of the "3 Tail Pieces," but I'm actually ok with that. As it stands the tail is almost too long for my taste. One of the few complaints I have about this model is that the end of the tail (spiky bone thingy) is made of a more rubbery grade of Bonesium, and therefore it's a bit of a pita to get it socketed in right. It probably has something to do with the missing section. Overall the fit on the pieces seems good, though a couple of mine were a bit loose, and it's gonna take a bit of green stuff to fill all the gaps. The only other downside I can see is that the right hand wing on mine seems to be bent at a wonky angle. Not sure if I'll try to boil it, and see if it reverts or leave it as is. I think airbrush for the basecoat will definitely be the way to go on this model.


So, to sum it up, this guy is massive. Great value for the sheer size. Of course now I have to find someplace to store it.

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Or a can of beer lying on it's side :devil:


You're a car guy too, I take it?


"Beer can for reference" is very common on car forums...especially ones where turbos are involved.



I'd love to see pictures too as I doubt I'll see mine anytime soon. Plus any assembly advice is always a good thing. As it is it sounds like I need three beers… Do you think a glass or three of wine would work?

~ S ~



Same. I'm not doing the big ones until my painting skills both have the rust knocked off and a new coat of paint put on. I'm too out of practice, and too much of an amateur when I'm in practice, to do the big 3 justice.

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