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CAV Boxed Sets


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I just had a thought, and I don't have many so bear with me.


Has it ever been discussed putting together UCOR specific boxed sets of four mini's? Pre-made sections of all SyRam or RMI or Koda?


Or maybe support boxed sets containing two infantry and two transports?



Just a thought.




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Things that make you go Hmmmmm... Darn good idea there Spartan6.


Personally I think it would have it's best chance of success if the game took a twist in the direction of UCOR wars and/or racial conflicts. Some fluff behind it and perhaps some clear identity. For example, in many fantasy games there are humans, Orcs, Elves, etc. etc. with little intermingling. If that segregation occured in CAV with the UCORS then players could be more enticed to select forces/units according to UCOR and background.


Otherwise, the fact that you can individually buy blisters allows players to pick and choose from a multitude of UCORS and if they so desire can still predominantly play with a certain group only.


Keep up the good ideas, you never know when one might become a box office smash.


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There was a CAV Boxed set bouncing around Origins earlier this year.

But, the CAV selection it came with was a little poor. I think it had a Puma and a Challenger in it among others... No Dictator.


But, yeah, a UCOR Specific boxed set would be kind of cool. Or, at the very least, a nice Combined arms boxed starter army.

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I've had the same idea for a while now.


Reaper could call them "Super Sections", and they could be specialiazed or UCOR-specific sections that are plug-and-play into your army roster. The box wouldn't be much bigger than their fantasy Dwarf cannon box, to keep packaging easy.


First one of my own that I'm working on is a General Superiority Super Section for Khardulis. 1 Super-Assassin (an earlier conversion), 2 standard Asssassins with arm reposes, and a stock Thug. I have similar combos planned for B-S (Ogre, 2 Scorps, and a Wyvern), and Koda Works (2 '70 Dictators, a Vanq, and a Khan).



John Bear Ross

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" Otherwise, the fact that you can individually buy blisters allows players to pick and choose from a multitude of UCORS and if they so desire can still predominantly play with a certain group only."



That's good and bad really. When you can buy anything you want for your army then you get what you like and then you're kinda done. If you had racial/UCOR armies then players would be encouraged to buy different units, infantry, air etc. and organize them thusly.


I'm not saying don't sell blisters, I love being able to individualize my army. All I'm saying is maybe try something like an Army List. * GASP * Yep, I said it.



* Prepares himself for verbal crucifixion *

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Having played other games that were "faction" based (e.g.: Chronopia, 40K, etc.) I believe that it allowed me to concentrate my money, painting time, and strategies to a specific group/army. That to me was both good and bad. Good in the sense that once I collected my particular army I was done buying (yeah) and painting (boo-hoo). It was also bad in the sense that I really like variety and so I was always looking at my opponent's armies' and wishing I had what they had. Unfortunately I couldn't get away with just buying a little bit. So, I was forced into buying and painting an entire new army or doing without.


For CAV, I currently don't have that problem because I do buy just the unit's I prefer, but I end up buying multiples of those units. So, I'd have to say I end up buying just as much as if I were to have bought 1 of everything. This way I get what I like from any UCOR and still only have one army to build, essentially.


I also think some better definition of factions along with some cool fluff would be a great shot in the arm for sales and play. Players love rivalries.


Many games companies have done well taking this route. I'm not sure if it would be good or bad for Reaper to take this route too. If they did I think I'd prefer they set it up as "optional campaign guidelines."


Our local store owner is working on a campaign whereby players get a certain number of points each turn (week) to resupply. He's come up with some rules that actually give a player extra points for limiting yourself to certain UCORS. He figures you'd get better contracts through UCORS for loyalty to them. Makes sense and it gives a bit of incentive to do that especially when the bonus points increase slightly with fewer and fewer UCORS used. I think his format is going something like this:


4 or more UCOR units: 100 points per turn

3 UCOR units: 110 points

2 UCOR units: 120

1 UCOR unit: 130


I'm sure my numbers are off a bit but that's essentially his plan for the campaign coming up.


Considering it's a 12,000 point campaign, players are probably going to have the same number of units regardless of whether they use multiple UCORS or not.


6 one way, 1/2 a dozen the other, eh?

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A little poor? Sure it had a Puma, but he other modesl were a Gladiator, Challenger and Rhino. Now, there's nothing wrong wiht a good old Challenger, IMHO. Plus you throw in a Puma to show there are actually light CAVs in the game. Not tme mention the Starter Set also had dice, a deck of cards and a rulebook. I thought it was a good well rounded set and sold really well!

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I'll admit, a boxed starter set which included a Puma would have been a darn sight more than 'a little poor'.


Good job the one available at Origins and GenCon this year had a Sovereign, Gladiator, Rhino and Challenger in it then wasn't it :o)


I've still got the one I bought, cos it's for a tourney prize. And the models rock!!


Plus dice, cards and rulebook. Can't really go wrong.

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The box actually had a Soverign in it as the fourth mech, not a Puma, so all the units in there were fairly heavy. They were giving out Pumas and Panthers as "prizes" for playing in demo games at the con's.


I think that they at least need to sell those starter boxes as a standard item. It is a great way to get into the game since it has a copy of the rule book and a section of CAVs all in one place, not to mention the dice and cards.


If those had been available I would have ordered up several as Christmas presents for people. It would have made a great hook to drag my friends into my sickness.


As far as UCOR boxed sets, I like the idea, but I'm not sure how practical it is... How many Cougar, Jaguar, Rhino, Blitz boxed sets are you really going to buy? Maybe if it was done as a starter, with the rule book, JORs, and a section each of cavs, infantry, armor, and maybe aircraft. It'd be pretty expensive, but not more so than a GW army box.


Some kind of infantry box set might be nice tho... It's generic so anyone fielding infantry would want them and it could include a mix of light and heavy infantry with various weapon types. I know right now when I look at picking it up grunts it often gets skipped because for a coupledollars more I can pick up a nice shiny new CAV. I'd be much more likely to pick them up if I could drop $40 or $50 and have more infantry than I could ever want.

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Agreed, that's a pretty good idea for a boxed set. I suppose you could add in some variation by adding in some APC's or AT's and then you'd have say 8 different boxes which are mainly the same.


Something else which might work is boxed sets which have sections designed to do certain things. Afterall, if a newer player (or family member of an older player) wanted to pick up a 'generic superiority section' as a gift or to expand their existing army they could do so, and not have to worry about the names of the CAV's and what they look like... they simply walk into the store and say "excuse me Mr Shopowner, I'd like to buy a Superiority CAV Boxed Set" as opposed to anything else.


I think my parents and family would go for this, cos they have no idea what I'm doing when I play the various games so this way they can get me some stuff which I'd find useful, as opposed to UCOR boxes which may include a CAV or two which I'd be willing to field/add to my existing forces.


I still reckon the best boxed set possible would be a Rhino, a Revenant, a Mantis and a Hawk 6, but then again I'm biased :o)

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Here's what I was thinking:


KDM Starter Army (2635/ $74.93):

1x Rhino (598/ $11.99)

1x Mastodon (390/ $11.99)

1x Tiger (334/ $10.99(?))

1x Jaguar (236/ $9.99)


2x Wolverine (412/ $9.99(?))

2x Manticore (258/ $7.99)


1x Lynx (95/ $4.00(?))

3x Regular Inf w/ Heavy Weapon (312 (2x AT-23s)/ $7.99)


Koda Works Starter Army (2478/ $68.70):

1x '70 Dictator (450/ $9.99)

1x Dictator (306/ $9.99)

1x Vanquisher (273/ $9.99)

1x Kahn (183/ $8.99)


2x Despot (388/ $7.99)

2x Malefactor (224/ $7.99)


2x Kharl (448/ $7.99)

1x Badger (131/ $3.78)

1x Heavy Infantry w/ Heavy Weapons Sprew (75/ $1.99)


That's just a rough idea of what I had in mind for UCOR-Specific starter armies.

These are less that 3000 which gives players room for upgrades at their leasure. It also allows them to add armies together for larger multi-faction armies.


Boxed sets like these would give new players a nice start in building forces of their own. It's not too expensive and offers them a balanced army that get's them competitive quick. And, gives them plenty of room to grow.


Obviously, you, as a more experienced player, will not want to keep buying boxed sets. But, you'll add to the intitial boxed set purchases with blisters to tailor your army to your war fighting style.



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It's a good start, Mike.


Of course, maybe Reaper could offer Custom Box Deals, where a web page has pulldown menus that allow you to custom-order your box set.


1. You choose your UCOR or Faction.


2. You choose your CAV section, your Armor section, your Infantry section, and/or your Flight section from the available models that come up on that Faction's list.


3. You get a blanket discount bonus on check-out, and Reaper doesn't have to fill the custom Starter Army box until you order it.


Packaging wouldn't have to be specific to each UCOR, and shipping would be direct to the customer.


NOW, Box Deals that can be put on Dealer shelves would be a different matter. With those, you're pretty much going to have to standardize, for example, a Koda Works Battle Superiority section along the lines of 3 '70 Dictators and a Vanq (or something like that).



John Bear Ross

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