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CAV Boxed Sets


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I kinda like the web-based Army thingy too as long as it wouldn't be too difficult to manage with all the pull down menu's etc. I'm fairly computer illiterate so I can't even begin to comment about that.


Sounds cool though.


" Oh computer Gods we unwashed heathen beseech thee, make it thus?"

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The web based custom boxed set isn't too bad an idea, but I'd not really call it a boxed set, it's a Army Bundle Deal.... still a good idea.


And I'd have thought it wasn't too hard to do... afterall, Kit (being a god) has the functionality for pulldowns for the new releases items, so provided he's willing to come up with the code to populate the combo boxes it should be very doable.

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The idea for the web based army deal would be really nice. I used to order GW stuff from an on-line store called The Warstore, and they had those.


Basically there was a set of stuff you always recieved, and then you got to chose something like 4 or 5 options. Usually along the lines of two plastic boxes, or one metal per choice.


You could do something similar with this, say maybe you get 4 infantry choices, and you can pick (I'm kinda limited here cause I only have JOR1 at work):

KW - Lt Infantry : 3 stands w\ Badger

KW - Lt Infantry - Hvy Weapons : 3 stands w\Badger

MIV- Lt Infantry : 3 stands w\Hedgehog

MIV- Lt Infantry - Hvy Weapons : 3 stands w\Hedgehog

KDM- Hvy Infantry - Hvy Mortar : 3 stands w\Panther


Then on the CAV's you could base the choices on role, Superiority Section, Support etc. The only problem with that is some factions lack many of the roles, for example Mitso-Ta has only superiority and fire support.


It would be a lot easier to work if the starters were based on the governments but sticking tightly to the fluff. then you found have 2 or 3 UCOR's to draw from for the starter. So for the UFF you'd get to pick from Sysram, Mitso-Ta, and Koda Works (Pretty sure I remember reading they were the only off-world company that would sell to earth during the Galactic War).

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I think a neat little package would be to market the major mercenary groups.


included in the package would be


one section of CAVs based on the mercenary organization's style of warfare.


A set of decals with the approriate insignia


a few Pro Paints in the unit colors, plus primer and a few brushes.


an instruction sheet for how to paint


a brief bio of the unit's history and stock data cards.


that would be cool.

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I think a neat little package would be to market the major mercenary groups.

Yeah... That would be neat as it adds a LOT of flexibility to the Faction/UCOR sets.

We could also go so far as to say that these are experienced level sets as we'll introduce the variants that the Mercs use (Black Knight, for instance.).




Red Spades Mercenary Starter Army:

1x '70 Dictator

1x Starhawk VI

1x Starhawk V

1x Regent


2x Harpy

2x Despot


2x Merlin

2x Regular Infantry w/ Heavy Weapons


I base this army off of the SWEET Casket Work cover art of the Red Spades by Neil Nowatzki.


Obviously, for any of these boxed sets to work, we'll have to chain both Neil AND John Bear to their collective art desks and feed them only intravenously so as to keep them working on our box art... :devil:

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I was thinking just limiting prepackaged units by sections (to distribute to local game stores.) this way the cost would stay (hopefully) in the nieghborhood of around 40-50 dollars or around 25 dollars for a vehicle section. make it affordable to get newer players started at least on the Warmaster level. (especially those who may have never painted a mini before)


the pro paints wouldn't have to be the full deal either but rather something like a Testors kit where it would be a small plastic palette, and a few small bottles of PRO Paint. enough to paint the section, with some left over just in case. plus 2 paint brushes.


If ambitious a "Warmaster" kit could be made with two sections, dice and a quick guide to the rules. we all have our interpretations of what an army should consist of, so perhaps that is best left to the buyers themselves. just give them enough to get started.


Army selections like proposed before would probably be best for an online bulk order deal, specifically for those who may not have access to a gaming store, which might buy in bulk through a distributor.


Something like this could be marketed simular to the How to Paint kits, Reaper already has out.

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The reason I go for the larger armies is because the game, while good at the single section level (i.e. Warmaster), excells at the larger, combined arms level.

Many times when players come up on me and ask what they need to be competitive, I usually give them a list that includes CAVs, Aircraft and Infantry. A boxed army set , emulating closly with the GW Battleforce sets, achieves this.


Now this isn't to say that a Warmaster Series Boxed set isn't unreasonable. It's just that when people are ready for Warmaster, they already know what CAVs they wanna have... And, they'll more likely blister it than go for the box.


Generally speaking, the customer demographic that we appeal to are already used to that intital bulk purchase. As they are GW, Mecha Game and/or Historical, they want troops, CAVs and vehicles. Pointing to a box is a whole lot easier than giving them a laundry list of what they need for their armies.

But, the caveat is that they don't wanna have to order online and wait, they don't want to have to guess and pick which goes where... They want a box of stuff they can take to the counter, assemble that day and bring to the table later that week.

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The reason I go for the larger armies is because the game, while good at the single section level (i.e. Warmaster), excells at the larger, combined arms level.


I agree with you there. CAV really shines in the combined arms arena. but to ask a newer player to spend anymore than 50 dollars at least around here is a bit too much. Especially if your looking to draw newer players.


The one thing about combined arms is there is no true clear cut way to be competative, and all that is left up to player skill and personal preferences.


Some guys like more CAVs, some guys like more gunships, etc, etc. the game itself is balanced well enough, so the "winning combinations" are endless; I may not be able to use a gunship as well as you, or you may not able to use a certain type of CAV as well as me, vice versa. these personal preferences influence army selection, and of course, everyone is going to want to use what they can effectively use.


I've seen some players using specifically CAV only forces and do just as well as an equally pointed combined arms force. thats all in the skill and personal preferences.


At least with the Warmaster, the section itself can be refined to a few formidable choices and theres no rule saying there couldn't be any add on section kits of vehicles, armor, infantry etc, etc. This keeps the costs nominal and allows a new player to build his/her army gradually and in steps, according to his/her tastes.


ideally, I'm looking at it as a how to paint kit too, with everything the newbies need to get started. paints, decals, cards, quick guide.... I feel if Reaper could keep it around 50 bucks, that's more than enough to draw in new gamers who may not be able to spend the money some of us do.

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I even have some graphics I'd be willing to contribute to make the Spartan decals ::D:


I had no idea this would take off like this, I'm kinda glad I brought it up. You guys have some excellent ideas about this.


One of the keys to making it work I think is to tie it in with some new optional rules that give a UCOR or racial specific force some advantage. Or if your whole force comes from one manufacturer i.e. SyRam, you get a repair bonus or some such.


The other key I think is to make it somewhat cheaper to buy a "force" then it would be to buy it all seperately.

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I'm not all that sure cost is a major factor in the decision to buy boxed sets. I know when GW release a new army, if I like the feel of it then I'll buy the box simply because it has a pre-written 1000 point army in it which includes some of most things.


Like Mike said, we need to look at this more to begin with.... say three or four boxes of different combinations of CAV's (and perhaps gunships and armour) so that you don't get the situation you have in a GW store 2 weeks after a new release.... everyone has the same damn army with the same damn models in the same blasted numbers!! :o) This way, newbie A could get a different army to newbie B, which is good cos those two newbies will be playing each other a lot since they live close. But newbie C comes along wants something different again, so he goes for the other army box, and newbie D takes the advise of the BL member on site and buys a bunch of blisters.


Now you've four new players with different CAV's, and possibly different gunships and/or armour and/or infantry as well (depending on what is decided to vary, I'd personally stick with the rest as fixed), who play against each other. This introduces them to other units, other tactics and perhaps even other ways of doing the mundane things. Thereby the newbies have more fun, have more variation in how they progress their armies and they also get the fuzzy warm feeling of having saved money.


The fact they're playing CAV is another warm fuzzy feeling, we shouldn't confuse the two :o)

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Cost is a major factor anyway you cut it. And for a fact around here, thats the reason, I've been supplying the armies for my guys to even play CAV. I know the same situation exists not just in Lancaster, but in a heck of a lot of places.


Gamers, who crossover from other games, are already involved in the hobby, so yeah, they probably would buy a 100-150 dollar boxed set from the jump. But you haven't considered, that for every gamer who buys that set, there will probably 10 guys (probably never gamed in their life) who would like to get involved, but can't cough up 100-150 bucks in one shot, or may find 100-150 bucks too much for a game they may not be entirely sure of.


Don't get me wrong, an army set is cool, but I wouldn't pass it off on a newbie. that's way too much to ask in the beginning. look at it like, what's the minimum investment I can spend to play a decent game of CAV. you'll have a better chance trying to sell a 50 dollar boxed set long before a 100-150 dollar boxed set.


the sets could be split first by major governments, UCORs, then the major mercenary organizations like Yellow Jackets, Kolditz, Red Spades, then Pirates like Black Rose, Sir Hawkins ETC ETC. Each set may have it's own take on what they have, based on politics, UCOR of choice, loyalties, ETC,ETC.


next the sections themselves could be arranged by function

Superiority (Warmaster)

Soft killers

balanced (2 soft killer CAVs, 2 Hard killer CAVs)

Fire Support/suppression


Vehicles, armor, aircraft could probably follow the same mold and are treated as expansion kits. easier on the pockets being that if you can't afford to assemble that army of choice, you can take your time with it. OR just combine a few kits and get something a little closer to exactly what you want.


now thats a TON of Variety with just that much, I wouldn't worry about point cost so much, unless your gearing for a Warmaster. By building an army gradually you also reduce the risk of players dissatisfied with certain units in the boxed set. IE The ghasts in that set are cool, but I prefer the Harpy. little things like that are a turn off to buying those big ole boxes.


I know I was turned off with MWDA by the fact you really don't know what your paying for until you open the box; bad way to do business. Well, thats my take on it anyway.

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That $50 crowd would be the reason to sell the Gencon\Origins starter set as a regular item.. It had all the basics in it someone would need to start from scratch if they had never done any mini-gaming before.


Admittedly it has the problem of making it so every person starting out has the same four CAV's. But most game stores aren't finanacially going to be able to stock 1-3 copies of a $50 boxset for each UCOR anyway. Unless they are in a major city there's a finite number of people to sell to, and a limited number of times any one of them is going to buy a particular box, no matter how cool it is.

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