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Acacia, Ivy Crown Sergeant (14545)


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Finished up Acacia today, hoping to get some more Warlord stuff painted up soon to entice friends into playing.





Just a tabletop job for the most part, nothing fancy. I did use some Italian herbs as leaf litter on her base though, and now she kind of smells like pizza.


C&C welcome!

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I quite like the limited palette


Thanks, I'll use these colours across the army to varying degrees. The Ivy Crown will be mostly brown and green, for example, and the Justicars would probably feature more white and silver, with a little green and red.

Also, do you think grated parmesan could be used as snow scatter? ::P:

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Yeah but nah. Lovely muted green, very nice piece.


Thanks! I can check when I get home, but I believe it was Vallejo Russian Uniform Green shaded with Strong Tone Quickshade and highlighted by mixing with Vallejo Iraqui Sand. I'm just not sure what exactly the Vallejo green was called.

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