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This guy was mostly done, but I got the base finished off this weekend.





And here he is with his bendy friend:




It's a bit hard to get the camera to focus on both of them very well.

I've got two more Bones trolls to paint up, so if you've got any C&C then let me have it!

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See I'm trying to photograph them in natural light, but it seems like every time I try the weather decides to cloud over. I'm thinking I might try and set up a light box or something.

That gloomy weather seems like "natural" to me...at least for a troll. Also, nice job. I will be using this as one of the inspirational pics for my daughter for her troll tomorrow.
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I'll take the risk of being boring, but I'm gonna repeat and repeat again - contrast, contrast, contrast ::): get those highlights at least one level up ::):


and now for something different - you could try to introduce some colour variations to the skin to make it more interesting. dark red glazed over parts where you approach shadows could look good. also, there are some warts you could have painted with a different colour (red/yellow).


can't wait to see a pic of all 4 trolls together ::):

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