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O'Leary's WIP Thread of Everything Reaper

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When I get ready to send out another batch of mini's I'll send you one. I've also got two Dark Sword figures I'd like you to have. One is a female archer and the other is a female mage. It would be nice for you to have some metal mini's to paint!




Oh goodness, Anne, you really don't have to do that! I know international shipping is expensive, and I don't want to cause you any undue trouble!


...Actually, I have an idea. If you really want to do that, can I send you a mini in exchange? We could do a mini swap! :lol:



--OneBoot :D



No trouble at all. It would be after the Holidays before I send more stuff out. And there's no way I'm accepting a mini in exchange. This is a gift, I do this all the time and one day you'll be doing the same thing. Never say no to free figures!!!



Maybe it's just the Skeletor vibe I'm getting from this guy, but maybe a yellow tone for the skin? Desiccated and ancient. Maybe shade it with dark warmer browns and a touch of purple in the deepest areas to draw it away from the green.


That does sound good but Shogun requested a pale blue "dead skin" to match the ice sword. I just started that last night. I'll keep your colour scheme for dead skin in mind for future mini's.



I like the green on the Anti-Paladin. It's very different from the illustration - one of the issues of doing an "iconic" character is feeling bound to the color scheme. :)


I try not to worry too much about what is expected and Shogun had a few requests on the figure and I'm including them. Also I need to make this group cohesive, so I'm tying them together via colours and techniques.

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Project #10

77150: Ragnaros, Evil Warrior

Sculptor: Bobby Jackson

Page 3

Well, I tried the NMM flaming sword and it failed miserably. But even if it had worked, the colours would not have gone with this palette. So to cover the mess up, I stippled Reaper Antique Gold over it and covered that with a was of Secret Weapon Blood Red with a bit of Vallejo Black Ink added.

Now this is a masculine, fierce figures and I usually do bright, girly foo foo figures. However there is something in me that just can't resist poking a bit of fun at it and inserting my own nature into the piece. So I'm adding a figure that he is to be attacking.


Yes, it's kitty cat. This big Evil Warrior is getting ready to slay a kitty and the kitty isn't the least bit concerned. We all know that cat could kill this big guy with a look now don't we. I've built up a 40mm base to put this little scene together.



Here's that sword. I like it okay as it does fit the piece by looking like it's been used in battle.


This is the free hand I did on the shield and while it's not going to knock anyone's socks off, it is my first time doing something like this. The hard part was coming up with something that would work with the curves at the top of the shield and the jagged bits at the bottom. So I did a modified skellie head as that goes with the heads on his armour.

I'll get him based and maybe post him in Show Off later in the week. I like keeping a WIP, but I'm not real keen on posting in Show Off.


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:wub: He's turned out just splendidly, and I loooove the addition of the cat, it's so perfect! :lol: I just can't get over how INCREDIBLE those metals look, they just have so much texture and personality to them! Your freehand looks very nice indeed, and suits this guy perfectly. :)


Is the kitty a Dark Sword mini, or is it from somewhere else? It's so cute!



--OneBoot :D

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I actually really like the sword, it's like there's a sick, smouldering flame animating the ancient, rusted blade. Just the kind of grim, sinister weapon I'd like to own :)


Or maybe, before battle, he doesn't SHARPEN his word. No, he just gets it red hot. Sharp swords are for the merciful!


I also like the contrast of the beautiful deep, dark metal armour with the vibrant red and the bright green. The deep shadows are so nice, you've really given him his very own sombre, firelit lighting. I really dig it.









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