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O'Leary's WIP Thread of Everything Reaper

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Very nice...this really makes me hope i get the minis from at least one of the two RedBox Kickstarters i backed.

They're done, I just have to edit the photos. Redbox hasn't delivered either Kickstarter? I've been lucky with the ones I've gotten into and am very happy

Good question. He has delivered a bunch of the minis from the first KS, but they had a lot of casting problems with some horses. They asked those of us with horses if we wanted the faulty ones or wait a few more weeks for clean casts. My understanding was that was the only thing left and i was in no hurry. Of course that was a couple months ago and we have got a few updates indicating that their were actually other things that were not done as well; like weapons sprues. I broke my own rule and backed the second KS without seeing anything from the first...because the orcs looked so cool and i was irritated by some trolling in the comments on the KS board. My gut tells me i will see KS 2 minis before KS 1 minis. My impresion at this pointis that Tre is a truly gifted sculpter, but a crappy businessman. Hopefully he is learning from these problems as his mini vsions are awesome.


And i m so glad to see more non-glow in the dark green orcs ;-) well done.



I like Tre's style as well and I would have gotten into one of them if I'd had the money when they came out. I knew there were problems but didn't know what they were and really it's bad form to start a 2nd KS when you haven't delivered on the first one. I've heard loads of complaining about the Otherworld KS because they are carrying the mini's in their store without having fulfilled the KS. My Drake KS is going to deliver late, but I expected that as they kept adding stretch goals. They're saying end of October now but I really think it won't be until December. They are doing a good job of keeping us informed though.




I got my backdrops from Corvus Miniatures website. He put them up for free download. Here's the link http://corvusminiatures.blogspot.com/2010/04/cloud-backdrops-for-your-miniature.html



Oooooo, awesome!!! Thank you so much!! ::D:



--OneBoot :D



He's a really good painter and I wish he was still actively posting on his blog.

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03489 Black Orc Warriors

Sculptor-Tre Manor


This was the most fun I've had painting ever. These guys were so full of character and were big bulky fierce looking Orcs.










These were so useful for me to paint as I discovered that I can work in a dark palette and truly enjoy it.

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Excellent work!! I really like how the bases turned out, simple but still tying into the piece nicely. They both turned out looking so life-like! Love your work, it makes my eyes happy looking at it. ^_^


What colors did you use on the shield of the second (d)orc? I've got a character whose shield would look very nice in those colors. Did you do a wash on it? Thanks!



--OneBoot :D

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Love those orcs, you're really pumping out some nice work, Anne.


As an aside, I'm also in on both of Tre's KS and haven't gotten anything yet...because I got pretty much everything he was offering and I'm not in any hurry so let him fulfill the impatient folks first. The upside is, for the first KS anyway, that a lot of the production problems on Ed's end got ironed out down the line a bit, so I'll benefit from that with the best possible end product. Anyway, anticipation makes the minis more awesome or something like that.

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Actually, I think she is outstanding Anne. The color choice is excellent and just shouts 1930's pulp fiction at us. I'm sure I could find somethings you can improve on but I'm just going to enjoy this one. I especially like how your base work has continued to come along right with your painting. Great piece.

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She's very nicely done - I especially like the strong lighting, it's very comic book, in the full-colour special-edition cover style from the mid-late 90's.


The style was a deliberate choice as she's being used to promote a novel written by a friend of mine. We're doing a give away on Monday that includes his book, this figure and a $50.00 Amazon gift card. I'm also giving away loads of free unpainted figures on Monday. i'm also giving away a bunch of free unpainted figures on Monday.


Those Orcs were great fun and I want more of them!!



I really like the orcs. I was shooting for that color skin on mine, but I ended up with more of a dark brown. What colors did you use?




I used the Reaper Dark Elf Skin trio. For the highest highlights I added Reaper Lavender as the trio has purple in it.

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Actually, I think she is outstanding Anne. The color choice is excellent and just shouts 1930's pulp fiction at us. I'm sure I could find somethings you can improve on but I'm just going to enjoy this one. I especially like how your base work has continued to come along right with your painting. Great piece.

Thanks Kris. Oh yeah, there are things that could be better. I had trouble really defining the light source for her as the pose is so awkward. If I went with a direct overhead light source, too much of her would have been in complete shadow. So I ended up highlighting where the figure said "highlight me"


I finally had to stop on her as she was driving me nuts and I had to get her ready for this book promo thingy.

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02434 and 02443

Male and Female Skoli Warriors

Sculptor Sandra Garrity

These are being painted for fellow forum member Shogun as he won my giveaway of 5 custom painted figures. There are three more, but I want to tackle these two as a single project.


I'm going to deal with the male first. I've never had cause to complain about the casting of a metal Reaper miniature, but this one had some problems. There was an enormous amount of flash that was thick and difficult to remove. Also, there were a lot of mold lines running in strange places. Further, the texture of the figure is rough and "gritty", making it difficult to get a nice, smooth finish with the brush. I like the sculpt, it's the casting I have problems with.


I tried a new technique with these two and that is weathered, aged metal.






To do the metals I stippled paint in this order.

Vallejo Black

Vallejo Leather Brown

Reaper Woodland Brown

Reaper Desert Tan

Reaper Antique Bronze


Over this I used a wash consisting of a mixture of Secret Weapon Blue/Black and Reaper Flesh Wash. Ratio roughly 3:2.


Following that I stippled fresh Antique Bronze to highlight areas. Finally I used Vallejo Black Ink in crevices and recesses. After looking at my pictures, I went back and did a bit more blackening to "rough up" the metal a bit more.


I wet blended the animal skin he's wearing and will need to highlight that. Highlights have not been done yet on any of the mini.


His skin was base coated with Reaper Moldy Skin, followed by Reaper Flesh Wash. I will bring the colour back up to Moldy skin, then dilute that by adding Caucasian Flesh so he has a pale skin tone with just a hint of green.



This is the female and while she had a good bit of flash, the casting was much better. Although she did have a mold line down the left side of her face, the rest of her was in pretty good shape.


Her body armour will be painted in the same colours as the male and she will have red hair.


I stayed up till about 5:00 a.m. this morning working on her and she is almost done and I did that because I just couldn't put her down once I started. She's one of those figures that I can just get lost in and forget that time is passing. If I have time today, I'll get a pic of her and try to post it tomorrow.


But right now the sun is shining and I've leaves to rake and a house to clean.




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