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Know your sculptors

Froggy the Great

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Greetings Everyone,


In celebration of the new greens i thought we could play a little game ...name that sculptor!


Lots of you profess to love Reaper (some of you sure post enough ...do you guys ever paint anything?  :;):  ) but do you really know what you are talking about.  Well here's your chance to prove it.


Here are my picks:


Manticore:  S. Garrity  (the musculature and hair detail)

Mummy:  S. Garrity  (the detail work)

Arganox:  B. Siens (the sword)

Ogre: B. Siens (the face and pose)

Gargoyle: B. Ridolfi (the fact that it's a gargoyle and it's sitting on a pillar)

Gator Warrior: B. Olley (an educated guess having to do with swamps)

Giant Bat:  B. Ridolfi

Gladiator1: J. Johnson (if he/she wasn't wearing a helmet, i bet it would hae that "Johnson" face) Gladiator2: J. Johnson (pose of the legs)

Halfling w/Sword: B. Jackson (the sword and  pose)

Kneeling dude: B. Jackson (the sword again)

Voodoo Woman: D. Mize (skinny physique,the pose, detail of arms at elbow juncture)

Woman w/Sword: D. Mize (skinny physique, the pose,detail of arms at elbow juncture)


The person who gets the most correct will win a free set of these when they are release, courtesy of Kit.  


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the rhino warrior was left off of the list.


my knowledge of sculptors isn't as extensive as I wish it was, I can go out on a limb and say none of the 14 look like Klocke to me.  I think the face on the kneeling guy looks like Garrity, but I'm real good at being wrong.


this is kinda fun, thanks blakmajic for starting this game.



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Well the halfling and the ranger looking guy could be by someone new.  They don't seem quite like any sculptor I've seen from Reaper.  They don't seem at all like Sandra Garity because they are far less detailed.  I would say they come closer to Bobby Jackson's work.  And no Klocke that I can tell. :(
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Manticore:  Hard to say...

Mummy:  Sandra Garrity  (compare Khalith)

Arganox:  Werner Klocke (compare Ironraven, and compare pose to the Anti Paladin)

Ogre: Ben Siens (Compare minataur of the maze)

Gargoyle: Bob Ridolfi (compare Crypt Bats, though the smooth wings are not typical so I have doubts here, could be Ben Siens)

Gator Warrior: Ben Siens (just guessing)

Giant Bat:  Bob Ridolfi (wings are comparable to crypt bats)

Gladiators: Jim Johnson (Compare Kang the Half-orc)

Halfling: Bobby Jackson (yes, the sword)

Kneeling: Bobby Jackson (if I'm right at this guess, he's gotten much better with these last two sculpts)

Rhino: Werner Klocke (Just a guess looking at the base)

Voodoo: Denis Mize (compare Tyden)

Woman w/Sword: Denis Mize (compare Tyden)

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Rhino Warrior: J. Wiebe (a guess based on past work).


This can get a bit tough when it comes to monsters, but human types are much easier to attribute to a sculptor.  I'm fairly sure i can identify a Garrity human almost every time.  For sure I can identify a Jim Johnson 10 out of 10 times just by looking at his unique facial style.


You are propably right that none of the work is Klocke's.  My first thought was the kneeling dude and halfling could be Klocke, but the weapon styles are a big giveaway to Bobby J.


I'd be interested if Kit could dig up the sculptors and see how close everyone's picks are.

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