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A Productive June (for me)


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Since it appears that I am incapable of organising myself enough to put together any kind of WIP thread, I'll just put my mini progress for this month in one place.


Its been a milestone month for me, I don't think I have got this amount of painting done since my student days when I had all the time in the world. Mostly now its done in a couple of hours between my wife going to bed with my 3 month old son and when my eyes can't stay open anymore ::D:


First up I finally got around to finishing the Grenadier Spectral Dragon 2 that I managed to pick up from Ebay for £5. There was a lot of filling, pinning, bending and tweaking to get it into shape, but I got there in the end.


I'm sure the heads are painted in the wrong order, but my players will never know, if they even live that long!




Next I made myself see past the mould lines and assembly gaps for my Super Dungeon Explore heroes. I wanted to get them finished quickly so didn't want to get bogged down in filling every gap or filing everything perfectly since I get a bit OCD about it and then it would take me weeks.

*its only for a board game, *its only for a board game* :unsure:


Of course, now I have to get the monsters done, and that will probably make me want to get the 2 expansions, but I like to think of 'Miniholicism' as a blessing and not a curse (?)




Finally I got around to painting my first ever Reaper mini, to round out the PC's for my D&D group.

I've been painting for 30 years on and off and yet still hadn't breached the Reaper lines, as it were, for no other reason than it just never happened, I had admired from afar but never taken the next step.

I'm very impressed by the level of detail and I can't wait for my Bones to ship and wait weeks for Uk customs to let them through... :B):

I'm not 100% happy with the paint job as I rushed it alittle to get the mini ready for game night, but as a game piece it will do.




Shinyness on the pics is due to the gloss varnish and the fact my dullcote ran out and I'm waiting for a huge container of it to arrive. Its so hard to get hold of over here, compared to any other options.

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