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OneBoot's Bones 1 Kickstarter Figures WIP (picture heavy)

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Next, his eyes. Using my Reaper 30-0 (I love my W&N, but it's simply too big for this), I put down some Pure White...



...before thinking to open up an actual picture of lion eyes.



Oh, uh...yeah, no white there.



ROTFL! I so enjoy this thread!

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ROTFL! I so enjoy this thread!


Seriously! I read it half for the pictures, and half for OneBoot's commentary. :lol:



That so totally made my day, thanks guys. ^_^


So, I'd placed my paint order Monday night, knowing Reaper wouldn't get it until Tuesday morning. No problem, I'm only a couple days away from them so I figured it would be here by today (Friday). I didn't get a shipping email on Tuesday, so I figured there'd been a hiccup in the system or something, still no problem.


This morning when I checked my email, there was a friendly shipping email from Reaper telling me that my paint order had shipped. This morning. Not Tuesday, TODAY. Meaning it will get here just after the nick of time.




It wouldn't be fair to my exchange partner to wait on me due to my procrastination (I had all summer, I really have no excuse), sooooooo...that means I'm going to be having fun with paint mixing today.




I started with reeeeeesearch, since my previous attempts to mix up a drab olive green failed miserably. After visiting several sites, I have come to the following conclusions:


1) It's very annoying when people give mixing recipes with only the names of the paint, and no pictures.

2) There are about a gazillion (slight exaggeration) different ways to mix different greens.

3) The color I had in mind is closer to a sage green than an olive green.


So, following the advice of one site, I'm going to try Grass Green and Stone Grey first. Failing that, it will be Grass Green and Blood Red. If that doesn't work, I'll probably just go nuts and start mixing whatever comes to mind. Am I going to waste a lot of paint? Yes. But this is for




Some collateral damage is to be expected.


I'll see y'all in about an hour. If I survive.



--OneBoot :D

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How about that, it was about an hour. ::P:


I won't do a blow-by-blow of the mixing process, since that would be long and tedious, but here's a few highlights.


This is from when I started, 2 drops Grass Green + 1 drop Stone Gray



This is after I mixed a single drop of Blood Red into it. That's a very interesting BROWN color...



I started over with a new puddle of my starting point, added about 2 TT* of Blood Red, then 1 drop Pure White.



This was close, so I tried it on the bottom of my Well of Chaos which was handy. Still too green, and too dark.



I did a lot more fiddling after that, which is getting into the boring and tedious bit, but the final recipe was:


2 drops Grass Green

1 drop Stone Gray

1 drop Pure White

7 TT* Blood Red

1 drop water


*TT = Toothpick Tips, it's the unit of measure I use when I'm mixing tiny little bits of color in. Because I use toothpicks.


My first mixing attempt was successful, but when I put paint to mini, I kept getting these nasty fibery bits coming off on it. I was puzzled at first, since I've never had this problem before, and there didn't seem to be anything unusual about the paper towel I was using. I thoroughly rinsed my brush out and just lightly tapped it on the paper towel to wick off the extra water, but I was still having the same problem. It was then that I realized I'd done so much mixing on the same spot on my wet palette that it had distressed the parchment paper to the point where it had started shredding a tiny bit.


I was rather displeased, since it meant that I'd have to mix the whole batch over again, but I actually was happier with the color of my second batch than the first, ruined one. I was very gentle the second time around, using only the side of the toothpick instead of the tip (and yes, I know a brush would be better, but I tried it and whatever brush I use to mix ends up holding onto a whole lot of paint, which I can't then use. -_-


On Damien's upper back is the new batch, and the rest is the older batch.



And here he is in his spiffy new coat! The pictures make it look a lot more green than it actually is in person.





Next is his pants, which will be a light gray.



--OneBoot :D

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GOOD LUCK! Let us know how it works out for you. :blink:


EDIT: You posted right before I did! :ph34r:


I like the green color you came up with! It looks really good, keep up the experimenting because it's for science and fun.


BTW, I like the use the OTHER end of my paint brush to mix with as it won't rip through paper and mixes pretty nicely, that way you aren't pulling too much of the paint off with the brush's bristles. I also use an older brush (bristle side) to mix with sometimes, just depends on my mood :huh:

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I'm flying though this faster than usual, since I need to have him done by Saturday night (why do I do this to myself, you think I'd learn my lesson about putting things off after a lifetime spent doing so :wacko: ). This means less talky and shorter posts, as well as more frequent updates (since I'm working fast).


2 drops Stone Gray + 1 drop Pure White + 1 drop water gave me the perfect color for his pants. It's reading as faintly blue-ish in person, which is odd. Perhaps there's a touch of blue in the Stone Gray somewhere. Either way, I don't have time to putz around with it to make it less blue.



Next I picked out the leather straps on his legs and his belt with thinned Oiled Leather. The detail on the belt is incredible, right down to the tiny little holes and the buckle itself. I also put down a thin layer of it on his hair to see if it would work well. After looking at pictures I know that a lion's mane is the same color as its fur where it's right by the face, but I wanted Damien's hair to be a little more distinct. I think it will do nicely as a base color, since it's in the same triad and looks close-ish, but not too close, to his skin tone.




I've still got a few more things to pick out with the Oiled Leather (such as his boots; I don't care that they're sculpted as metal, I'm not liking the way the bronze is looking with the rest of it, so they're going to become leather), but my brush was starting to misbehave (the point was getting weird and stray hairs were starting to show themselves). So, I took the time to give it a good thorough cleaning with my awesome Master's Soap. The amount of paint junk in it was pretty bad, so I washed it a second time and worked some hair conditioner in it to make it happy again. I'll continue once it's sat for awhile.



--OneBoot :D

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Lack of updating since yesterday was due to my school (through which we get internet, nothing we can do about that) deciding to do something and messing up the DNS something-or-other. Several websites, including anything Reaper, flatly refused to open. Which was sad.


Friday night is also gaming night, so very few pictures, but lots of little things got done.


Firstly, I did the leather strap on the back of his coat and redid his boots with Oiled Leather, and I'm liking the look much more. I also went back over his skin with unthinned Tanned Leather, and I think my bottle must just be on the thin side, since it took a couple more coats to get a good, even coverage (especially on his hands). Then I did his belt buckle, belt loop, buttons and the random little buttons on the leather straps on his legs in Antique Gold. I'm trying to figure out what to do with the thingies on his belt, since I think they're pouches, but the one on the right is kinda...odd. I googled finished examples, and it looks like no one else really knew what to do with them either and just made them the same color as the belt. I also noticed that a lot of people painted his, uh...crotch armor? in the same color as the belt, so I tried that, and it looked absolutely horrid, so I changed it back to just being part of his pants.





Messing around with whether to use Antique Gold or New Gold for the buttons and stuff gave me an idea. New Gold is basically yellow with a little shine/sparkle to it, so I delicately dabbed a touch of it onto the yellow areas of his eyes. I'm not sure whether you can tell from the picture or not, since the effect is fairly subtle, but his eyes look a lot more lion-like now. :D




Still to do (this is mostly so I don't forget anything, as well as helping me figure out a rough order to do things in):

  • Shoulders and belt pouches in a warm dark brown (like a dark leather)
  • Staff in a dark mahogany (if I can mix one up that looks good)
  • Touch up the metallic bits on the top of the staff with more Molten Bronze
  • Fur on his coat in a color somewhere in between the shoulder and staff colors
  • Pick out details on boots in Antique Gold
  • Necklace in Oiled Leather and either Aged Bone or Yellowed Bone (they're supposed to be claws or teeth)
  • Shade/highlight hair, working the coat fur color into the ends of it
  • Shade/highlight skin (adding a bit of the dark fur color to the end of his tail)
  • Shade/highlight clothes (using the shade color for his cuffs, then using the same gray as the pants for the bits of shirt sleeve poking out)
  • Shade/highlight boots, belt and staff
  • Attempt a slight OSL from his hand (I may/may not get to this, we'll see)
  • Tidy up anything glaring
  • Paint base in savanna colors
  • Seal it with Brush-on Sealer
  • Glue on grass "sea urchins"
  • Wrap it, pack it, ship it.


It looks like a whole lot more than it actually is, I just tend to break things into tiny chunks because it makes my brain happy to cross things off of lists. ^_^ I anticipate the shading/highlighting to go relatively quickly, since I'm not going to try anything too drastic or fancy. I'm also not going to try and redo all of the darklining I accidentally painted over when I was putting down basecoats. I'll just put a shade color in the nooks and crannies and call it good; I don't want to mess anything up at this point, and I get the feeling if I mess up anything, it would be with that.



--OneBoot :D

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Corporea for getting "Magic Dance" stuck in my head for the rest of the night. ::P: It's an awesome song, so I suppose I can forgive you. :D


I've been plugging right along, and I still would be if my neck and eyes hadn't insisted on a break, so I figured now was a good a time as any to update.


I mixed 1 drop Muddy Brown with 2 drops Oiled Leather to do his fur collar, as well as the tip of his tail (I tried to make it look fuzzy, but I'm not sure I really succeeded).



I also did the little bit of tail visible through the back of his coat. I...really have no idea how I managed to totally miss this until now. :wacko:



Next I did the hard leather bits in Muddy Brown. I'd wanted to mix up something that looked more leather-like, but I realized I'd sort of run myself out of options by using Oiled Leather in his hair and fur color, and I didn't want it to blend in too much. I'm still not convinced that it doesn't blend in too much, but I'm hoping that once I've gotten some highlighting and shading done on the fur it will be more differentiated. I also did the cuffs of his coat in Muddy Brown instead of a darker green to see if I would like it. I'm thinking I've got too much dark brown going on, so I will probably change it to Oiled Leather (not looking forward to that, it took me forever just to get the lines straight the first time! :down: )




Sticking off of the back of his leather shoulder doohickey were a couple of random bits that I couldn't identify, so I turned once again to Google to find out what the heck they were. Apparently they're supposed to be rings, but this is a spot where the conversion to Bonesium wasn't entirely successful, since the two on the right were practically nonexistent. I had to paint the right-most one in by hand, it simply wasn't there. I did these and the most metallic-looking bits on his boots in Antique Gold.




Well, gotta keep moving on. Allonsey! :upside:



--OneBoot :D


EDIT: Ugh, I was this close to throwing my computer out the window. Two hours ago, just when I hit "Add Reply" my amazing (read: awful) school internet decided to do weird things again and stop giving access to certain websites (like Reaper), then quit working altogether. I nearly had a heart attack thinking I was going to have to type everything again!! Happily, the forums appear to save posts that are in progress, so when the internet finally started working again, it was still there! Huzzah!! :D

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