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[Group/Open] WIP Cthulhu

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I'm guessing by your posts that you are going to assemble him before starting up painting. What colors are you planning on using? Greens like the box, or something more creative?


I've been contemplating doing him more piece by piece starting with the head. The parts fit so snugly on mine that I'm not overly worried about damaging my paint job when i'm ready for assembling, plus I feel it will give me the best chances of getting his tentacles cleanly painted.


Are you going to spray him with an air brush or just go straight brush and paints?


I'm also considering adding some blistery pustules on him to make him look more monstrous (as if that's really necessary!).


I can't wait to see progress on him and to add my own at some point.

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I will leave him off the base, and leave the head off of the body. The rest has been glue and gap filled.


Since it's for a friend, and he requested greens, that's what I'll be using. Not going to copy the box art, but it will be a similar palette I suspect.


I will be spraying the basic colors and highlights, and then using brushes for the finer details.

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Almost the final product! I still have a few plans. I may dry brush splatters of alien goo and more blood on the sand where he's walking. I try and take as high quality pictures I can so that I can find the small imperfections that need to be fixed. Always in natural light as well. Your models look different in natural light.


Cthulhu in HD

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