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Sliksham's Corner of the Dining Room Table

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Right, so while I wait for my Bones I'm going to attempt to do a WIP for the stuff I'm working through.

I'm generally useless at taking progress pics so this will be a new experience for me.


On the table at the moment I have my SDE monsters as a distraction and this...




The first job was / is cleaning and assembly, so after a good scrub in soapy water I started to put together the main body.

The fit was pretty bad and to assemble the 3 parts that I have already I had to boil and bend a few sections so that the sides and the spine meshed together even remotely.


There are some gaps in there still but I intend going back in a filling them from the inside.




The model comes with a clear plastic flying stand as well as a scenic resin one, so I'm going to use the resin on as otherwise  whats the point?  ::D:


Here's the whole kit, minus the flying stand, awaiting my attentions, I've undercoated the inside of the mouth so I can paint that prior to assembly, I'll seal it off when finished with a light coat of varnish and then paint the rest of the fig when its all assembled.

A dry fit of the parts has shown theres a hell of a lot more filling to be done once the 'face' gets put on, so I'm hoping my meagre putty pushing skills won't stand out too much on it. Its a pretty daunting job for me at the moment  :;):


Still not sure what colour to paint it, I like the red scheme but I'm tempted to do a different route, maybe a deep black / purple up to a red highlight, not sure....

As I only get to paint at night I'm scared to get going on it as tired eyes make mistakes, maybe it will become a weekend job.



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I have to agree, that is a real sweet model you've got there. I'm excited to see how you decide to paint it up! :) And yeah, that assembly looks a right beast, especially if not all the parts are fitting well.



--OneBoot :D

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Since I was up early this morning anyway I thought I would do a 'dry fit' of the body with Blu-tac, and its not great ::(: .

The tendon sections either side of the jaw are seperates and dont sit too well with the two face parts in place, but thats just something that I can fix by bioling them and fitting them on the fly last of all.

My biggest concern is the gaps all the way around the top of the face and at the back of the jaw. Resin warpage is a right pain in the bum ::P:

I can fit either of the face pieces reasonably well but that means the other piece just doesn't look right. The tendon pieces currently push the eye section away from the body as well. If I get the chance I'll be digging out the milliput over the weekend for a gap filling extravaganza!


1st coat is down on the inside of the mouth so I'll distract myself by getting some more of that done soon.





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An unproductive couple of days, spent the weekend painting but unfortunately it was a garden fence and trellis instead of mini's :;):


Blu-tack has been replaced with proper glue and the tendon parts are in place, I had to boil and bend them to fit but they are in there as well as they can be.

Mouth parts are painted and have been given a coat of gloss varnish to give them that 'wet look' that the supermodels all go for..

Scenic base is assembled, filled and basecoated but I'll probably leave that for last unless I hit a major slump in motivation or need a distraction.

Next step is to go and fill those large gaps in the body and then have a long hard think about where I'm going colour wise. I still favour the deep black - purple working up to red but I've painted a lot of red over the last few weeks and I think I'm getting bored of it. Bright Yellow Beholder anyone?

I've half persuaded myself to paint with the eyestalks all in place instead of separate, but I might rethink that one as the task continues.



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Its been a slow painting week so far, even for me, but I've got a little bit farther with 'Mr Nasty Eyes' as my daughter has been calling him.


Attached the eyestalks and stuck a blu-tack gumshield in for some protection before I go and spray prime. There's going to still be some filling to be done at the base of the eyestalks because I arranged the eyes in a different way, but I'll do that after the priming as it should be a quick job to smooth out the transitions and then make sure I have the textures right.

An old bit of sprue makes a useful handle, plus I can tell the kids I have a monster lollipop.




Still not fully decided on colours yet, I'm 70% on the side of black-purple up to light violet and 30% on tan leather up to light stone.

I'll be leaving the eyes until last as its the bit I hate the most (ironic that he has so many) and want to sketch out a few ideas for the main eye before committing.

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I also vote for purple, it just seems like a purple kind of sculpt. My reasons need not make sense. It's also currently 6am where I am, and I'm still awake, which may be contributing somewhat. ::D:



--OneBoot :D

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