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Bones and Secret Weapon Washes

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I've used a thinned out wash of my usual acrylics as what I call a "finder wash". It's just black or brown paint with lots of water and a little flow-ease, not a commercial pre-mix. I don't know if anybody else does that. It was useful on the Bones figure because unpainted the details were hard to see due to the semi-translucent color of the material, but the wash brought them out so I could clearly see any mold-line filing or other prep work that was necessary before proceeding with the serious painting.


But after the prep, a thorough washing and a solid base coat, my other painting techniques proceeded normally.

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I've debated whether or not to try and put together some of Les' wash recipes, but I'm not sure the cost vs laziness factor is equitible ;)


Really, I think you're better going with the SW washes. You don't save much money by the time to track down all the materials.


I've been having fun playing with the inks and trying to come up with some different colors that are useful, but the SW selection

should cover most needs.

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I have some washes made from Liquitex Acrylic ink, Liquitex Matte Medium, and Distilled water. I've used them on unpainted bones, and they stick ok, but not great, there is some beading and running. I usually have to go over them a few times with the wash. I also find them helpful for finding details on some of them.

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