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77171: Stone Golem - my first KS mini!

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Well I'm not sure if it's intended to reference a specific narrative, but it would appear as though this fellow killed his creator at the moment of his completion, hence the hammer and other tools along with the rather fresh looking bones.

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Oh wow, I love it!! He looks like he's been carved out of malachite, or maybe dark green agate. Dark green is my favorite color, I may have to steal your color scheme idea! :D I love the glowing green eyes, too, it makes him seem so alive. Very nice work!


Did you do a WIP for this? If not, would you mind mentioning the colors you used?



--OneBoot :D

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lol, yeah, wasn't the trickiest of stories. kind of classic with golems, actually. i'm glad it worked. the green marble attempt was suggested by my wife. she is my go to color guru, so the credit for the more unusual stone goes to her. always fun to try something new and different (new to me, anyhow).



@ oneboot: easy tip for the glowing eyes. most craft stores sell really cheap water based fluorescent paint sets. snag one for a few bucks and add a dab over pure white to make glowing eyes (and other things) that really pop.



no WIP, but i did something very similar to this: http://hot-lead.org/advance/texturing_marble.htm with the usual hilighting and shading.

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Looks real nice vulture!


Looks like he turned on his sculptor to me.

Which is kind of scary coming from a guy who is presently sculpting a Froghemoth... you've been having frog-themed nightmares vulture? :-)

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